Monday, March 30, 2015

Tough Sell

Apparently even the people who were rah-rahing the imaginary "recovery" in the economy are having difficulty convincing themselves right now.  Even using the most favorable way to calculate unemployment numbers, even leaning heavily on the stock prices that are no longer coupled to anything in reality as a primary indicator, people just aren't buying stuff. Since "the economy" is made out of people selling stuff, this is bad for it.

Judging from the amount of bitching about "slow wage growth", one is tempted to believe that the article is propaganda for a minimum wage hike. I think that would be a timid way to get more money out there. How about instead of a mandatory minimum wage hike, we just tell everybody to take all the paper money out of their pockets and purses and use a Sharpie to write a zero after the denominations on all the bills? Then we'd all be ten times richer!

Hey, it's as sound a solution as a $15/hr minimum wage.