Sunday, March 01, 2015

...and more snow.

Two days ago, the TeeWee weatherfolk were calling for 1"-3" of snow, transitioning to rain in the afternoon, with a high of 37°F. Yesterday morning, they'd revised that to 2"-4" of snow with maybe a little freezing rain atop it in the afternoon, and a high of 35°F. By yesterday afternoon they'd stopped all mention of non-snow precipitation, and this morning they're saying we might see 32°F later in the afternoon.
 We had about 6" by 11:00AM, when it started seriously tapering off. (Although they say we could get another inch or so later in the afternoon.)

The neighbor two doors to the left had his snowthrower out and cleared the sidewalk in front of our house... when I shoveled the walks in the front and back of the house, I went and shoveled the neighbor's to the right. Paying it forward, as it were.