Tuesday, March 24, 2015

E + D

Last week we took advantage of Bobbi working the funky swing shift to go get lunch at Eat + Drink, the cocktail lounge adjacent to that SoBro brunch legend, Taste (and run by the same people), which is now open for lunch on weekdays.

Contax TVS, Ilford XP2
Looking north from the patio of Taste, E+D is next door, with the classic neon of the Red Key Tavern beyond.
I had fried pickles for an appetizer and a charcuterie plate for lunch. It came with pickles and pickled eggs. Bobbi had an appetizer of deviled eggs with wasabi tobiko roe on them ("Yo, dawg, I heard you like eggs, so I put eggs on your eggs") and for her meal...

...a delicious-looking calamari po boy. Everything I sampled was good, although the pickles were kinda "meh"; it takes a pretty tart and vinegary pickle to hold up to the whole battered-'n'-fried thing, and these just weren't. I wanna try that po boy, though; I filched some of the calamari and just looking at that picture reminds me of how good it was and makes me hungry.