Friday, March 13, 2015

Just In Time!

For several years, my route from Indianapolis to Knoxville has been I-65 to Louisville, where I'd pick up I-64 and head east toward Lexington and jump on I-75 south to K-ville. Unfortunately, this is happening:
"If your vacation plans take you south this year, be prepared for some slow downs before you really get out of town.

Groundbreaking on a major construction project on I-65 was Tuesday. Work begins Sunday.

Southsiders just made it through one major construction project at Southport Road, which added lanes in the area.

Now a whole new project will do the same, going south.

It will impact not only those who drive I-65 everyday, but those of you planning road trips south this year."

However, the main reason I headed out of Indy on I-65 South instead of I-74 East no longer applies as of the 23rd of this month!
"Non-Ohio residents with a valid concealed handgun license from another state, regardless of whether the other state has entered into a reciprocity agreement with Ohio, will have their license recognized in the state during the period that the person is temporarily in Ohio."

There was minimal difference in actual mileage between the two routes, but the southward one was often more inconvenient for me, going square through the heart of Indy and then right into the thick of the never-ending construction in the Louisville spaghetti bowl. I generally put up with those hassles rather than risking becoming the next Jeffrey Jordan while clipping through about ten or fifteen miles of southwestern Ohio.

Remember when Ohio didn't even have concealed carry? And then it did, but it was all messed up and riddled with local exemptions and you couldn't CCW in a car? And then they fixed that but only recognized a handful of out-of-state permits?

Everybody wants to throw a "Hail Mary" instead of grinding away with "off-tackle left on three", like Ohio did.

Three yards and a cloud of dust. It's the Buckeye way.