Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Buzzword goes on rampage; kills one, wounds more than a dozen.

This story has all the modern iconography one could possibly hope for: Mental un-wellness, multiculturalism, urban pedestrians/cyclists, and an SUV.

It seems that one lad who had grown up in California and achieved that pinnacle of Western success, the keys to a Honda SUV, had a little problem. The problem was that his name was Omeed and while he considered himself Californian, his Afghani family didn't so much and, in fine Afghan fashion, had picked him out a bride back in the Old Country. Being less than willing to exchange San Francisco for Kandahar and a Honda Pilot for a camel and an AK-47, the last threads connecting Omeed to what we all term as "sanity" snapped.

Having informed kith and kin that the boogieman was after him, Omeed hopped in his Pilot and proceeded to play Death Race 2000 across the landscape of the Bay Area. Shouldering Priuses (Priii?) onto the median and bunting pedestrians and bicyclists into the shrubbery, he barrelled along until the heat got him boxed in after he'd racked up 8,000 points.

This being San Francisco, and CNN being CNN, what did the link to the story at the site say? That's right: *SUV hits 14 people in 20-minute rampage, 1 dead. The link itself will even take you to a page headed "suv.rampage.ap". Not "nutjob.rampage.ap", not "Americandudevictimizedbythirdworldculture.rampage.ap", but "SUV.rampage.ap".

Mr. Popal could, apparently, have stayed in bed this morning and let his Pilot carry out his grisly plans and saved himself a lot of prison time and lawyer's fees. Instead, he gets charged with 14 counts of attempted murder, and the Honda remains an unindicted co-conspirator (at least, outside the court of the media...)


phlegmfatale said...

That's such a coincidence, because everytime I get into MY SUV, it starts whispering "must kill...must...kill." Clearly SUVs should be wiped out. But I'm keeping mine.

Anonymous said...

Having spent time in San Francisco and not seeing one attractive or moderately sane woman, I'm not sure what his problem was with the arranged marriage.

B&N said...

Is it any wonder, what with the "It's the Guns Stupid" attitude that is so prevalent in the media these days.

BobG said...

Since it's California, they probably blame it on Bush.

Art Eatman said...

Hey, how many times ya read, "The driver was killed when the car ran off the road."?

I can see it now: The car is wandering along the Interstate, and sees this perfectly lovely bridge abutment. It sez to itself, "Self, that's a plumb beautimous bridge abutment. I think I'll just run off the road and hit that little doofer."

which is why I tend to think of the newsies as "mediahcrities".

:), Art

Kevin said...

Hugh Hewitt has been concentrating on the apparent facts that Mr. Popal - presumably a Muslim - targeted people in areas that were predominately Jewish.

But this wasn't an act of terrorism. Just ask the mainstream media, who hardly mention it.

Yoni the Blogger reports that "Popal at the time of his arrest declared himself to be a terrorist."

Nothing on that on ABCBSNBCNNYTLAT was there?

No, it was the SUV's fault. And the victims were just people, like anybody else.