Friday, August 11, 2006

Boomsticks: Gratuitous Gun Pr0n No. 35

In 1896 Smith & Wesson introduced their first solid-frame revolver. Rather than ejecting its spent cases automatically when the two halves of the frame were hinged apart, a latch allowed the cylinder to be swung out to the side and then the ejector rod was operated by hand, leading to the name "Hand Ejector" for this line of wheelguns. In the 110 years since, the S&W Hand Ejectors have come to typify revolvers in the American cultural psyche.

The first hand ejector was a fairly small weapon chambered for a lengthened version of the old .32 S&W cartridge from their top-break line. This was followed in 1899 by a slightly larger gun chambering a new round labelled the ".38 Smith & Wesson Special". In 1907, the massive "N-frame" hand ejectors debuted, chambered for the new .44 S&W Special cartridge...

The pictured revolver (a .44 Hand Ejector, 2nd Model) is a little bit special: Production of the .44 Hand Ejector was discontinued from 1918 through most of 1920, not resuming until December of that year. By the serial numbers, the gun shown is the 472nd one produced after the line started up again. The .44 Hand Ejector is notable as being the sidearm of the famous archaeologist/action hero, Dr. "Indiana" Jones. Owning this one makes me want to buy a bullwhip and a fedora, although (given the slightly more blingin' nature of my Smith) I think I'll get one in a natty shade of teal.


AdaM said...

"Okey dokey Dr. Jones. Hold on to your potatoes." Heh.

Nice classic Smith and Western. You should bring some of your collection to the range more often..

Trebor said...

There's a great site with info on Indy's revolvers, other weapons, and his clothes and gear.

According to the info there, there were two revolvers used in the first movie. The scenes filmed in Hawaii that start the movie used a HE 2 in .45 ACP rented from Stembridge Gun Rentals. The scenes filmed in Tunisia and England used a HE 2 in .455 Eley rented from the Brit firm of Baptsy.

Indy also used a FN/Browning Highpower in the bar fight scene.

B&N said...

Funny how that design hasn't changed much in the last hundred years.

"firmitas, utilitas, venustas"


Xavier said...

Sweet Tam!

MarkHB said...

And you'd look very natty in a fedora, too. Not gonna talk about the whip in a public venue, mind. *leer*