Sunday, August 20, 2006

Random Notes...

  • I am beginning to think that guy's jeans have some kind of germicidal substance woven into them. Have you ever noticed that a guy could handle, say, fermented goat entrails with his bare hands and then, with a quick swipe of his hands on his trouser legs, he acts like he's now sterile enough for open heart surgery?
  • You know you've been putting in too many hours when you dream that you've been fired and you wake up with a smile on your face thinking "Woohoo! A day off!"
  • We got cool custom holsters in at the shop! We're going to be the sole retail outlet for Gary Brommeland custom leather! W00t!


BobG said...

1. I have wondered about that myself, maybe I need to change brands.

2. Been there; it's like the old saying:
"Stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you haven't fallen asleep".

3. Nice holsters.

pignock said...

It's much more than just a germicidal. It makes grease and solvents inert and acts as a flavor enhancer for any food handled afterwards too!

Somebody is due to be booted out of the club if he revealed this secret to you:)


Homer said...

I realize that one doesn't need a B.S. degree in English to make good holsters, and I'm as liable to make incorrect keybutton selections as the next person, but I tend to flinch whenever I see a precision product hawked by someone who commits consistent apostrophe and quotation mark infractions.

This common error certainly isn't limited to one-man shops, but attention to detail counts for something.

How about a CCA report on customer experiences when 100+ have been sold?

Marc said...

Jeans have got to be germicidal. Otherwise it would be just gross when we pick our nose in the truck on the way home from the goat farm. ;)

Lizard said...

Indeed, the wonders of man's trousers are many and varied.

Are you, perhaps, also familiar with the sedimentary system of laundry? As any bachelor male will attest, after enough unwashed laundry has accumulated in a hamper (awaiting the arrival of the magical laundry fairies), the stuff on the bottom will become cleansed, and can be mined up and worn in a pinch.

phlegmfatale said...

Fermented goat entrails. Hmm. Well, I've certainly had occasion to witness the wiping-on-jeans ritual played out with fish guts. This phenomenon has a certain neanderthal charm.

pax said...

1. Sounds like believing this, whether you're on the way home from the goat farm or not, could be one of many possible ways to die a horrible screaming death.

2. Stress is when you wish you were about to suffer a horrible screaming death, but instead get depressed when you realize that the odds are you're going to live through it ... and that the horrible screaming death would have been preferable.

3. Nice holsters.

buzz_knox said...

Jeans don't just sterilize hands. They also sterilize knives. Apparently, one can gut a deer, cut through molded cardboard, and clean one's nails in sequence, and then use the same knife to cut a steak. The only thing you have to do is to wipe it on your jeans to get the visible crud off, and it's literally clean enough to eat off of.