Friday, August 25, 2006

Baseball: ...and whoever's playing the Dodgers.

Growing up in Atlanta, back when there were only two divisions in the National League and the Braves were in (riddle me this) the National League West, the old joke went "Who are an Atlantan's two favorite baseball teams?"

The answer, of course, was "The Braves, and whoever is playing the Los Angeles Dodgers."

It seems that these days the Braves are the Dodgers. I can tune into an LA game and cheer for folks who either stopped over in Atlanta briefly in their careers (Kenny Lofton and J.D. Jones), or who came up through the Braves farm system and established themselves as players in a Braves uniform (Rafael Furcal and Wilson Betemit). Now, thanks to a grinding couple of weeks at work, I seem to have missed out on even bigger news: Mad Dog is pitching for the *&^#ing Dodgers!


After I finish burning Scott Boras in effigy, I guess I should go to the Dodgers online shop and pick myself up a number 36 jersey.

What is this world coming to?


B&N said...


I'd give vital parts of my anatomy to get back John Schuerholz as GM. He did some great things with player development for the ten years he was here in KC. Instead, the Royal(oser)s had to hire his toady away from the Braves, in hopes of stemming the tide of 100 loss seasons.

As far as your question regarding the division association of the Braves being the NL West, I can say with confidence that the Braves were in Milwaukee until '65, which was in the west, as only the Giants and Dodgers played in the NL on the left coast. Having only 10 teams in each division at the time, and considering the geographic bias of the older teams, the divisional association wasn't likely to change when they moved to Atlanta in '66.

Do I get a kewpie?

Anonymous said...

...and "baseball" wonders why fan loyalty is fading...

Billy Hollis said...

And Maddux just won his 330th, making him 10th all-time in wins. Singled in a run, bunted in another run, started two double plays, and pitched five scoreless innings.

And he still has that same calm look on his face that he's always had.