Friday, August 25, 2006

Blog Stuff: Google results...

Sitemeter is a wonderful tool. Trying to eke out that good blog post? Stuck on the second revision? Stumped for filler material to hold the cheering throngs over until you finish it? Go to Sitemeter and dredge up some recent Google searches!

hat etiquette on porches : Google apparently thinks that on this topic, much like horrible screaming death, I am the definitive go-to source. So, uh, I think you should wear one. A hat that is. On a porch. At least, I do.

light rifles : Being not too terribly burly, I'm all about the light rifle. Except the actual shooting part. It'd be nice if they could suddenly get a lot heavier right before I pull the trigger.

"email to cellphone" : Bad idea. I can ignore it on my computer just fine; I don't need someplace else to not read it.

rifle bolt handles : I am in favor of rifle bolt handles. They make operating the rifle's bolt much easier.

m&p "failure to feed" : My M&Ps have never failed to feed. Wadcutters, semiwadcutters, snakeshot: If you can cram it into the cylinder, it works just fine. Oh, wait...

VW type 3 custom hardback : WTF? I'll go out on a limb, though, and say that even though I have no idea what you're talking about, I probably hate it.

history of march of cambreadth : Absolutely badass.

and finally:

gewehr kommission+ 1888 : Also known as the Frogenschutzen.


Masked Menace© said...



Well, if you're shooting the French, a varmint rifle is probably all you need. The give up pretty easily.

Chris said...

VW type 3 custom hardback?

VW made a Type 3 Fastback and Squareback in the 70s. The SB was a stationwagon type bastardization of the Beetle and the Fastback was a slightly less ugly version of that. Both had modified versions of the Type 1 engine normally found in the Beetle. They were modified in that the cooling fan fit horizontally over the top of the engine rather than vertically and the entire mess was under a panel in the cargo area of the car. They tended to have cooling problems as a result.

Give me a Beetle or Kharmin Ghia over the Type 3s anyday.

pax said...

Of course you wear your hat on the porch. You probably also wear it indoors, and when the flag goes by.

You can do these things because you're a girl. I thought we settled this awhile back!

Standard Mischief said...

Give me a Beetle or Kharmin Ghia over the Type 3s anyday.

Gimme a water cooled engine that is merely broke-in at 100k rather than ready for an overhaul.

Gimme a car where the fuel line is held on to the engine by more than one flimsy rusty hose clamp, where the engine isn't made of magnesium alloy that burns quite nicely.

Give me an engine with a oil filter.

I had a type IV, 1700 cc. I pulled the valve covers at every 1,500 miles just to set the valves and they were always out of whack. Where I had to set the gap and timing 3 or four times every 3 thou because you could not adjust the gap while it was running, and you HAD to time the engine while it was off.

But those Ghias were pretty neat looking.

Chris said...

I never said Veedubs were ideal cars, but they sure were fun to own. For day to day driving, I'd rather have a Toyota anyday. One of the nice things about the VWs was that you didn't have to accept all of the shortcomings. You could replace those flimsy hose clamps with threaded fittings, add an oil filter, and install hydraulic lifters. The magnesium case was only an issue if your maintenance was so shoddy that the car caught on fire. I've heard many stories of flaming Beetles, but I've seen more watercooled cars burning in the 17yrs I've been driving.

They were quirky vehicles, but that was part of their charm. To compare them to modern cars is to miss the point entirely.