Monday, August 28, 2006

Blog Stuff: Weekend Update.

  • My internet buddy Kaylee appeared in the real world this weekend, bearing gifts and waxing enthusiastic over her visit to Alaska. She gave me a copy of the Hank Cramer CD A Soldier's Songs, and a neat old book entitled Textbook of Automatic Pistols, written back during the late '20s and early '30s. Thanks!
  • There was some pondering going on over the weekend as to the heirarchy and likelihood of various dangers. For instance, we know that zombie apocalypse is at the top of the list, but what's the next most scary thing out there? A sudden drop in pirate numbers that causes a ninja population explosion? Killer space robots? What's more dangerous: A vampire ninja or a werewolf pirate? Any information y'all have will be welcome.
  • Do you know what they don't have in Alaska? Waffle House. Mmmmmm... There's nothing like a whole big greasy pile of meat and eggs to get your day started off right. :)


Heartless Libertarian said...

Waffle House doesn't exist west of the Rockies, to the best of my knowledge. Possibly not even west of the Mississippi.

I think their arteries are too clogged with all the grease to cross major geographic barriers.

And btw, yuck. This from a guy who enjoyed the Omlette with Ham MRE.

Art Eatman said...

On I-10, I don't recall a Waffle House west of Houston...

Forget Zombies and Terrorists; in Texas, the most feared thing is a Yankee with a U-Haul.


Anonymous said...

I can verify Waffle Houses as far west as Springfield, MO along I-44



Larry said...

There's Waffle Houses around Dallas.