Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Boomsticks: More trigger time...

In my new quest to put more Shooty Goodness back into my life, I've resolved to try and put some lead downrange every day at work. I dragged the little Model 34 Kit Gun in for a second consecutive day and put about a box of ammunition through it. I was relieved to see that my mad 1337 skillz hadn't completely atrophied. Despite the mediocre Federal American Eagle .22LR ammo, the Kit Gun's miniscule sight radius, and my lack of practice, once the sights got corrected everything went into about 2.5" at the seven yard line. I'll take it.

Yesterday I upped the ante, dropping my Ciener .22 conversion unit on my '66 Colt. Things started out iffy. The American Eagle shot 2" and slightly high-and-left in my caffiene-trembling hands. Aguila SE 38gr Subsonics put 5 rounds into an inch and a half, but each round failed to extract, putting an end to that experiment. Remington's 40gr Target load really made the gun happy, though. When I buckled down, six shots went into a .75" ragged hole, nine shots opened that out to maybe an inch, and a tenth shot flyer made for a 1.25" group.

Whenever I use my debit card to get Mountain Dew money at work, I always make sure to buy something so that the store doesn't take a hit. That something is probably going to be Remington Target .22 from now on. I figure that some ATM's charge a $2.50 fee for their use, and wouldn't it be cool if they dispensed 50 rounds of match .22 ammo in exchange for that fee?

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mdmnm said...

Have you tried the Remington Subsonic? It shoots a bit better than Remington Target (fewer fliers) out of my Rem. 541S and Anschutz 64 bolt actions. Of course, like the Aguila, it might not have the oomph to run your conversion.