Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Music: My inner hooligan...

I never listen to the radio, so I find new-for-me music mostly by accident. The soundtrack to this video at Grouchymedia had me look into Linkin Park, and on a recent trip to McKay's, I snagged a copy of Hybrid Theory. Yeah, yeah, it's six years old for the rest of y'all, but it was new to me.

What a great CD for putting the top down on the roadster, turning off the traction control, and getting in touch with my inner hooligan. Pretty good for getting my game face on for the ride into work, too. :)


Rustmeister said...

Yeah, they started out OK, too bad all their stuff sounds the same.

Not that you asked, but I'd recommend the Ramones tribute album "We're a Happy Family".

Lotsa good stuff on that one.

AdaM said...

Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands, and Hybrid Theory stays in current rotation on my computer. "A Place for my Head" is one of my favorite songs. Gotta love all that anger and pain, right?

Paul Simer said...

Welcome to "Angry White Guy" music.

I went through my Linkin Park faze... now the Mrs. and I listen to a lot of Foo Fighters. You should pick up "In Your Honor" soon, if you know what's good for ya.

B&N said...

"Welcome to "Angry White Guy" music."

I thought that was Beethoven, or maybe Liszt.