Sunday, August 27, 2006

Conversation with a wholesaler.

Me: "What's the story on cheap 7.62x39?"

Him: "We got some Wolf in. Both the 'Military Classic' hollow poin..."

Me: "W00t! Give me two cases of that. You have the plain old FMJ, too?"

Him: "Yes, and..."

Me: "I'll take... how many boxes to a case?... I'll take five hundred boxes."

Him: "You can have thirty."

Me: "Is it allocated?"

Him: "That's all that's left."

Me: "Oh."


pdb said...

Something's seriously out of whack when a box of 20 stinky, steel cased berdan primed Wolf 7.62x39 retails for only a dollar less than a box of 20, sweet smelling, reloadable, American made Winchester Q3131 5.56 NATO.

BobG said...

Sounds like there is going to be a serious call for reloading, at this rate.

Justin said...

I saw a decent display of Wolf 7.62x39 at a local Dunham's today.

It was running just shy of $4.00 a box.


Anonymous said...

Damn you people and your cheap ammo. 7.62x51mm is too expensive, someone buy me a rifle that's cheaper to shoot.

Anonymous said...

Tam -

RE: PDB's comment. We all know what's happened to availability & price on imported 7.62X39; what is the availability of US-made 7.62X39, and what's your sense of future availability of both US-made ammo and components? Can Chinwester, Rumington and Feddy keep up with demand if it shifts to brass-cased stuff?

Tam said...

The US manufacturers just don't load enough 7.62x39 to keep up with demand in the absence of cheap imported fodder; I've had weeks where the only 7.62x39 I could get was Cor-Bon, Federal Hi-Shock, and the like...

Anonymous said...

I have started shooting a Mini 30 and bought 500 rounds of the wolf ammo and had about 20% that did not fire that stuff is some cheap crap and when I went to winchester all rounds went off.