Monday, August 21, 2006

Blog Stuff: Have y'all never seen Falling Down?

When Cranky Gun Store Lady wheels up to your drive-thru mike and orders her customary "Two sausage burrrritos (I lurve rolling that "r"!) with four packets of hot sauce, please!" and you say "We're serving lunch now, ma'am," and the sign on your restaurant says breakfast is served 'til 10:30 and it's only 10:22 and she's driven like a crazy woman to get there on time, it would be wise to remember that the trunk of the Beemer contains a very scary-looking M4 carbine.




Lizard said...

Perhaps we need to modify the famous dictum that "An armed society is a polite society" to "An armed society is one where breakfast is served whenever it is damn well wanted."

Anonymous said...

Waffle House needs a drive-thru.

B&N said...

I usually find myself in a red curtain of blood rage at similar instances, but instead of the M4/.223-powered shooting spree, I substitute imagery of pummeling the offending party to death with my bare fists.

I love a good fist-fight in the morning.

BTW, Falling Down would have been SO much better if it had just been some normal dude having a bad day, doncha think?

B&N said...


On a parallel thought, being a whole 5'-12", do you think it a better idea for you to maybe go inside and step up to the counter, perhaps wearing a pair of 3" heel, combat style boots.

LOTS less arguing over the time of day, methinks.

Zendo Deb said...

You need to find a better brand of breakfast.

I realize drive-thru is great for those times when you are on the run, but breakfast really demands pancakes and hot maple syrup. (Do not skimp on the butter!)

Anonymous said...

Pancakes? What the hell? Biscuits and sausage gravy with a side of grits that have a bit of country ham sprinkled atop...preferably from a feral hog.

pax said...

... instead of the M4/.223-powered shooting spree, I substitute imagery of pummeling the offending party to death with my bare fists.

Because, of course, visualizing a horrible screaming death behind the counter is just so much more satisfying.

(Me, I don't get that upset about anything short of riots in the street.)

Anonymous said...

I've heard that fast-food places stop serving breakfast because they have to change the temperature on their grills to cook burgers.

Desertrat said...

Some morning when you're wanting a good breakfast, but aren't in a hurry: Head toward Gatlinburg. On the south side of Pigeon Forge, on the left at the edge of town is a little restaurant. I disremember the name. The really good thing is that there is a smoking section.

SWMBO is a biscuits'n'gravy freak. She had a serious case of the drooling slobbers, all through breakfast.

Worth the trip.

:-), Art

Dr. StrangeGun said...

Anonymous is on to something there, it takes quite a bit more heat to cook that hamburger-like substance than it does to cook the egg-like substance.

I figure they've got to scrape the egg crispies off the grill before the burgers go on too, lest the meat have a more unusual taste than usual :)

(admitted, my guilty pleasure breakfast is a sausage egg mcmuffin, coffee, and one of their chicken biscuits. If they served the breakfast chicken patty in a sandwich I wouldn't be able to fit in my truck anymore.)


shooter said...

I was almost mugged in a Whataburger drive through. Right at the window. Introduced Mr. Crackhead to Mr. Springfield. They didn't get along. Now the staff at my local Whataburger give me extra ketchup for my fries. Never had that happen before.