Friday, June 08, 2007

Blog Stuff: Added to the blogroll...

Regular readers have probably by now figured out that I don't do the usual "reciprocal blogroll" thing. My blogroll is mostly stuff that I read every day, plus a few links to folks that helped get me started back in the day, or meatspace friends who write stuff worth reading. (I keep the vintage Rocky Top Brigade roll there in the sidebar because: A) It's an interesting reminder of how much the TN blog scene has changed in the less-than-two years since I started, and B) I can't remember my blogrolling password and I'm too lazy to check.)

Now that he's safely discharged, away from the potential clutches of an overzealous PAO, and home back here in the land of the Big PX, I get to add my bro John. Y'all need to read.

Somewhere between negativism and hype lies the truth of the sandbox. Somewhere between villains and saints lie the men who went there. Somewhere between...
Right here? Right here I'm just glad to have my friend back.

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