Saturday, June 02, 2007

Venezuela: Anti-Pugsley TV station goes to the web.

Despite pepper gassing a whole mess of college students, Pugsley still can't stop the signal:
CARACAS, Venezuela (CNN) -- Radio Caracas Television, the station silenced by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, has found a way to continue its daily broadcasts -- on YouTube, the popular video Web site.
You know, dictatoring used to be a pretty good gig, but it must suck trying to be a repressive dictator in the age of satellite dishes and the intarw3bz.


Unknown said...

Our favorite crazy Stalinist, the Dear Leader, seems to be doing OK in that department, but that may be due to the fact that a computer costs about 100 annual salaries of whatever worthless paper slips they use for currency in NK.

T.Stahl said...

There are so many countries going down the drain and one would expect that there'd be a veteran with his rifle on every rooftop everytime their oh so philanthropic leaders drive around in a motorcade.

Yet it is a rare occurance that a tyrant is removed from his position by the very people he tyrannises.

It seems life isn't bad enough in those countries after all.

Anonymous said...

Those videos will be up for about as long as it takes the lefties running u-boob to realize that one of their favorite thugs is being dissed.