Thursday, June 21, 2007

News: Oh noes!

The zionist neo-con Bushbot conspirators have subverted Purdue University, too! Is no one safe from their tendrils?

(Other than the kid who made that goofy "Loose Change" video. For a powerless nobody engaged in exposing the plot of a global cabal of heartless, powerful murderers, he seems distressingly... er, alive.)


Anonymous said...

Obviously, that whole Purdue deal is just a smokescreen. Look at it carefully and you'll notice the computer simulation was created by an updated version of the system used to fake the Apollo moon landings.

Hmm, I suddenly have the urge to watch "Capricorn One."

Noton Yalife said...

Well, Purdue does receive gov't funding. They were probably threatened with losing it if the didn't conform to the gov't line.


Caleb said...

Thanks for the link - at least one of the guys that worked on this project is a friend of mine; moonbat ravings aside I'm relatively certain that he's not a federale plant.

Of course, that could be just what they want us to think.