Thursday, June 21, 2007

How come I never get these?

Even though I've got dead relatives all over Africa, nobody ever sends me any "Hitman Scam" emails.

Well, they might have... I am a pretty lousy email corespondent, after all. Look, if you don't want your Hitman Scam email bulk deleted with the Viagra and Mortgage Refinancing stuff, put the lurid death threats right in the title, okay? If they're good, I'll copy and save the results in the folder with my favorite 419 emails.

(Oh, and you Viagra and Mortgage people? I'm a chick who rents. Stop it already.)


Mugwug said...

I got a 419 scam comment added to my blog a while back, I'd almot completely forgotten about this sort of thing as my email filters are pretty effective when it comes to blocking them out.

I think it's essential that everyone who gets one of these immediately take a few minutes of their time and jerk the scammers around. It's really the only payback we're going to get as the authorities there are not too likely to take care of things.

I wasted a bit of the scammers time but I'll admit to my amateur status when compared with people like this.

Weer'd Beard said...

Funny the Story comming out of Boston. I read Whitey Bulger used to do the same thing in the days before email. He'd shake some wiseguy down by inventing a hit contract on them, but giving the mark the option to "buy-out" the contract.

Though I'd wonder what Bulger would have done if the mark refused to pay...