Thursday, June 21, 2007

Boomsticks: A bleg.

Anybody got a used EOTech or Bushnell Holosight really really cheap? Don't care what kind as long as it has the Donut-Of-Death reticle and is really really cheap. Need one for my 9mm trainer carbine since I moved its EOTech to the 6.8...

tamslick - a t - a o l - d o t - com.


Anonymous said... has the bushnell for $240

It's where i got mine a few years back.


Anonymous said...

ebay $129:


Sigivald said...

An EOTech, really cheap?

Doesn't seem like those are two things that go together.

Tam said...


Y'know, I hadn't even thought about ebay.


You can occasionally find beat-up units that soldiers bought to take to the sandbox for a reasonable price.

SayUncle said...

Ebay can often be a treasure trove for gunnies.