Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blog Stuff: Whew!

Finished my first book report... er, gun writeup of the day.

[Barbie voice] Writing interesting essays is har-rd.[/Barbie voice]

One more before beddie-bye. But first, the margaritas on the porch while leisurely perusing some Mark Steyn gold.


Unknown said...

A quick note on the wonderful Type 38 writeup: The symbols on the rifle read "three","eight","type" from top to bottom, not "type three eight" from bottom to top as the caption states.

The topmost kanji is "san", three, easy to remember because the pictograph is just three horizontal lines, the middle kanji is "hachi", eight, and the bottom one is "shiki" (which usually means 'ceremony', as in a wedding or funeral ceremony, but can also mean 'system', and from system you get 'Model' or 'Type' as in for a gun).

Tam said...


Correction made.

Thank you very, very much!

Anonymous said...

Writing interesting essays may be hard but you do it well. Now you've got me wanting another rifle! Just what I need - another caliber/dies/components to stock.

I have only one question - what size primers do 6.5Jap rounds use?
It's not listed in my Lyman book.



Tam said...

Large rifle primers.

Matt G said...

Good girl.

Margarita for you.