Friday, June 29, 2007

Blog Stuff: Sigh.

Mr. Sun's happy rays are now... hang on... nine inches from the edge of my laptop's screen, and I've got the power cord stretched tauter than a banjo string. I'm already hunched over the screen like Quasimodo, trying to generate enough shadow to make things readable, and I'm not a third of the way down my blogroll, despite reading faster than Rain Man counts matchsticks. Feh.

Maybe more this afternoon, after the big ball of fire has moved to the other side of the lake.


Anonymous said...

So ... have you been reduced to war-driving?

"Mommy, who is that crazy person in front of our house banging away on a laptop and saying nasty things?

She keeps talking about horrible screaming death, I'm scared ...."

Anonymous said...

It's the large fiery ball at the center of our solar system, but that's not important right now.

Anonymous said...

I recently started using Google Reader to organize my blog reading - that alone has save a bunch of time.

The reason I bring it up is, that it has an offline feature that lets you log on, go and download all the new posts on your blogroll, and read them... well.. offline.

Dunno if that's helpful or not. I thought you might be able to poke your head outside like some kind of cyber groundhog, leech the new posts off your landlord's wifi and drag them back into your lair to be consumed at your leisure.

Hope you get your lifeline back soon.


Cybrludite said...

That (and the commute) were what I hated the most about being stuck out in rural Mississippi after Katrina. No interweb providers who delivered that far into the sticks. Wardriving got me no hits closer than an hour away. I ended up just spending beaucoup bucks on .45 and 7.62x39mm ammo to make empty soadcans (Dry county, too. Gah.) bounce around. The guy who drove the local Big Brown Van Of Happiness must have thought I was some kind of survivalist militia nut. (Obviously not the case. Militias are well organized...)

Anonymous said...

Gracious lady;

and choose an appropriate solution to connecting at long range. I especially like the use of a juice can as a directional antenna.

Anonymous said...

82. 82. 82. Definitely 246.