Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dems go after Jesus vote.

In a baffling display of telegenic piety, leading Democrat candidates answered a string of prying questions for a broadcast audience. Sen. Clinton, attempting to appeal to the one demographic that wouldn't vote for her at gunpoint, abased herself by hinting at hidden tawdriness in her marriage above and beyond that which was used to disturb the public for eight years in a row.


Pardon me. Where was I? Oh yeah, then John Edwards confessed to "sinning every day", to which nobody replied "Well, duh, you're a politician!", despite being fed such a choice straight line. He then went on to talk about how much he loved poor people (and plans on making a lot more of them, no doubt) and Jesus and maybe Mom or puppy dogs or something else.

Obama stuck mostly to policy stuff, apparently, and when asked about the current situation with the War on a Noun in terms of Good and Evil, averred that terrorists are indeed evil, unless they're being bombed or incarcerated by Republicans, in which case such simplicities no longer apply.

How much good this did any of the candidates remains doubtful, but it sure has made for amusing reading.


BobG said...

In other words, they had a Media Whore Festival, and competed in the category of Who Can Pimp Themselves The Best.

theirritablearchitect said...


Anything but. How about infuriating.

As bobg said, pimping and whoring, promising to spend your money on what other people want.