Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Attention fellow Triangle Of Death conspirators:

Here's info on where to pick up your wheelbarrows of cash from the gun industry and get your marching orders from our NRA overlords for the coming year.


The Duck said...

Are we turning in last years wheelbarrows?
I'm about to the bottom of the last one.

Zendo Deb said...

(Completely off-topic) Where can a friend of mine get the real info on the new PPS?

Ok, maybe not completely off topic.

Brian said...

Off-topic (cont):

So, I misspoke. It was actually Front Sight I was wondering about, since it seemed like you weren't thrilled about it in an earlier post. I have an opportunity to go, but don't want to waste my money. Your thoughts on Front Sight?

I'm 60 miles east of LA, and 80 miles north of San Diego, and I'd appreciate you directing me to some place good, as I very much trust your opinion.

Baba55 said...

As a consumer only, I'm wondering where I can get an evil "Triangle Of Death-CO-Conspirator" tee shirt or three: 1 in sage, 1 in coyote and the obligatory invisible ninja nightime negro?

Kevin said...

I'm bringing the expandable suitcase so I can pack those stacks of $20's for the trip home!

Owen said...


I thought we decided on dodecahedron.

That's it, I quit! I'm startign my own top-down grass roots organization!