Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Proof that you can't force gentrification.

"Like an ATM for Lowlifes."


the pawnbroker said...

tam, a recent "king of the hill" episode had hank's wife as a realtor showing elite yupie turds penthouses and palaces that they hated, then when she stopped by hank's hispanic friend's house in the barrio neighborhood they fell in love with the place..."now this is real..."

until after a while they had gentrified the whole neighborhood, priced the regular people out of their homes, and ended up with dittos of their own whitebread selves as their only neighbors...then they started moving out in a panic...funny...jtc

Turk Turon said...

I believe you are correct; it is "lowlifes" not "lowlives".

Anonymous said...

For some reason all I can add to the discussion is a reference to an oldie but a goodie, calling all gas station/convenience stores the Stop 'N' Rob.