Monday, July 07, 2008

Blood in the streets. And the cubicles.

For a week now, Floridians have been legally able to keep guns locked in their car on their employer's property while at work. Our man reports from the front lines.


Assrot said...

It's amazing ain't it? You should hear the carrying on down here by the anti-gun bliss-ninnies that I work with.

We work on several college and university campuses. The law did not change one thing as far as carrying a gun or having a gun in your car on any kind of public school campus and yet the ninnies are spewing their murder and mayhem and wild, wild west stories like every person here is carrying a gun and itching to shoot someone.

I sent a nice little email to our list respectfully submitting that said ninnies know very little if anything about "People of the Gun" and that they would do well to actually read the law that was passed rather than listen to the obviously biased newspaper journalists and TV reporters.

Of course they did not take kindly to me showing them the error of their ways and the proof of said error so they all demanded that I be drawn and quartered once they have sufficiently tarred and feathered me.

It's a funny thing. Everybody tells a lie or at least a little fib now and then. Most sensible folks that get caught in a lie just accept it, do what can be done to set things right and move on with life. These blathering anti-gun, bliss-ninnies down here get ready to kill when you speak up against their lies and show them the proof in black and white.

As I live and breath, I've never seen such insanity. I know why the anti-gunners are against guns now. It's because they can't control their own temper when they are caught in a lie so I'm thinking they want to kill whomever outed their lies. I guess they think that "People of the Gun" are of the same ilk that they are.

I'd take my chances with a town full of "People of the Gun" anytime rather than trust one of the anti-gunners for a minute.

Molon Labe,

Rabbit said...

Just don't ask me why my murse makes that 'THUNK!' sound when I set it down on my workstation counter.

I'll have to lie and tell you it's a medical device or an ostomy pouch or a drink can or whatever is bulging off my waist or someting equally unappealing.


Anonymous said...

Florida has a peacable journey law whereby it is legal to travel with a firearm in your car and has had one for years.

The only requirement is that the firearm be "securely encased". The law specifies that a snapped holster or simply tossed in the glove box meets the "securely encased" requirement

A weapon that is NOT "securely encased" if it is also inacessible, for example if it is in the trunk, is also legal.

There is nothing in the law about the firearm being loaded.

All that being said, for years people have carried their weapons to and from work and left them in their cars. Its been a grey area in the law.

My employer, Harris Corp, one of those fighting the hardest against the law, has signage on the fronts of the buildings indicating no firearms past that point. The implication being that it is OK in the parking lot.

I guarantee you that there have been literally hundreds if not thousands of firearms in their parking lot every day for 50 years and there has never been an incident of anyone going postal.

I'm posting this anonymously just in case...

Steve Skubinna said...

That's a total crock, and you all know it. Florida has been awash in blood ever since they passed that evil Castle Law in 2005, like the Brady Bunch warned us would happen.

And before that, it was awash in blood since they passed their Concealed Carry law in 1999.

In fact, I don't believe that there's anyone left alive in Florida.

Robb Allen said...

Steve, all the 'live ones work at Disney where the Magic of Walt simply makes violence disappear.

Having your 4 year old groped by Tigger still free of charge.

Steve Skubinna said...

robb, those aren't "live." Unless your definition is broad enough to include the audio-animatronic Mr. Lincoln.

Old Grouch said...

"I don't believe that there's anyone left alive in Florida."

I knew it!
No wonder Florida drivers drive like zombies...