Saturday, July 05, 2008

Chinese internet users up in arms respectfully annoyed over fake photo.

Millions of internet users all over China got all protester-ish about an obviously faked tiger photo. Or at least they did until there was a mysterious outbreak of modems getting run over by tanks.


OA said...

Pfffft. They're just pissed it isn't real because they can't kill it and powder its dick. "Make you strong!"

dr mac said...

It would be tough for the Chinese to be up in arms. Hell, its difficult for them even to exprsss being annoyed over government lies.

Another result of gun control.

phlegmfatale said...

oa totally cracked me up.
Yeah, it IS obviously faked - the lighting alone. SHeesh.

Steve Skubinna said...

When I was stationed in Korea I sent my dog on ahead so she'd clear quarantine by the time I arrived (no jokes, please - I was nearly frantic at the thought of Patience the Wonderdog all alone for a month in the land of Canine Bulgogi).

When I went to Seoul to pick her up, I saw three smallish cages, each containing a single small black bear. Didn't think anything of it until I got back down to Chinhae with my dog, mentioned it to somebody who said "probably for Chinese medicine. They're going to be killed for their glands."

Damn. Sometimes I wonder if the Advent of Viagara and Cialis has reduced pressure on endangered species, or if traditional Chinese apothecaries still grind up rhino horn so octogenarians can get erections.

staghounds said...

"...a country where most protests are shushed and critical Internet postings can be taken down as soon as they're put up, people in China can be skilled at finding channels for their opinions."

See? A regulated internet isn't that bad, you can still embarrass your masters a little over a meaningless picture of an animal!