Saturday, September 06, 2008

Organization Man...

I'm not so sure I'd want a rep as having been a community organizer in a city where that largely means passing out the packs of free cigarettes to the bums hobos winos urban outdoorsmen as they get in the van to go vote for Daley. I'm just sayin'.

Soooo, what do you call someone who inadvertently rouses a rabble of rabble-rousers? A metarabblerouser? Anyhow, they sure are butthurt. Like they say, it's the hit dog that yelps.


og said...

Should actually change his name to "Ward Heeler".

"Ward, don't you think you were a little hard on the beaver last night?"

I never get tired of that joke. Yes, I'm an eight year old.

Sailorcurt said...

Perhaps small town mayors should start their own anti-Obama group to protest his "ridicule" of them...

Sailorcurt said...

Oh...and to be on an equal footing with this group, all it would take is a couple of guys who may or may not be, have been or aspire to be mayors, slapping together a web site and claiming to represent small town mayors from across the country.

Of course, they wouldn't get free publicity from a sympathetic press...but whatareyagonnado?

global village idiot said...

Is that "Community Organizer" blog a satirical blog? It kinda sounds like it, but it's hard to tell. The comments section made it clear that lots of people don't think it's a satirical site; which if it is, is deliciously funny.


Brad K. said...

Tam, I looked at their press release. A community organizer is a coordinator of social services. A bureaucrat.

Honorable work, but not someone invested or involved with producing anything, not even jobs. Certainly not someone concerned with the range of roles people play in a healthy community, at the small town, state, national, or international levels.

Since social services play such an immense part of the national budget, McCain and Palin need to be aware of what a community organizer does, and they also need to honor the position as honorable work.

I understand the political perceptions that required Sarah Palin to respond as she did to the first flung stone of Obama's, when he claimed her stint as small town mayor (overlooking her governorship of one of the fifty states, and governor of one of the body of the most independent constituents west of New Hampshire) was not as good a credential for national election as his own background.

Mud was slung. Palin and McCain should apologize for slinging mud, and to those that got splashed, the community organizers about the country. Not because Obama deserves an apology, but because slinging mud is a bad habit, and damages the spirit and honor of the slinger.

Unless the damn dogs keep coming.

og said...

"Honorable work"

So you actually know nothing whatsoever about Obama. Let me tell you, that I do. And when I say "Ward Heeler" I'm being overgenerous. Sarah Palin has already apologized for everything she said that is untrue. In other words, she doesn't need to. She could have gone a lot further than she did, and still been well within the realm of truth. When you call into question a person's qualifications, you are doing your job as a politician. When you want to know why that person's unwed daughter is pregnant, you're slinging mud.

BobG said...

Looks like the organizer blog is probably just something put out by the Democrats, after looking at the author of it.

George said...

One of the things that indisputably marks a community organizer as a bureaucrat is the performance of his/her duties.

All bureaucrats are alike. They work within their little boxes ... never using any initiative. Decision making requires accountability and the acceptance of responsibility for their actions.

We all know that bureaucrats abhor such behaviour. Besides, their unions wouldn't allow that.

Rabbit said...

"Everyone has the right to be helped"(snicker).

I appreciate being left the hell alone.


Sailorcurt said...

Also consider that a "community organizer's" job with any government bureaucrat's...depends on a good supply of people who need their services.

So...are they really "helping" people, or are they actually (intentionally or not) just being another stumbling block on the road out of poverty?

Good intentions are great, and are excellent for building self-esteem, but if the results don't live up to expectations...

How's that whole "war on poverty" going anyway? Has anyone started considering an exit strategy?

Cappy said...

What of the unorganized comminities? Does being unorganized impact their property values? Compare and contrast.

capper said...

Just so y'all know, Jesus Christ was also a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was the governor.

I guess you are all pro-crime and pro-corruption. But seeing that you're backing McMansions, I already knew that.

the pistolero said...

I guess you are all pro-crime and pro-corruption
*snerk* Now that's some funny shiz-nit, coming from an Obama supporter.
Pro-corruption? Considering you support a product of the Chicago political machine, which is more or less the textbook definition of corruption, I daresay you have no room whatsoever to talk.
As for the pro-crime bit? Your candidate seems to have no problem with violent criminals walking the streets as long as they allegedly can't procure a firearm. Granted, the guy opposing him has that same stance, but unlike you, I am more than willing to call him out on that.

Anonymous said...

Some smart fella once said, "Render unto Caeser what is Caeser's, and render unto God what is God's."

Jesus was a preacher, who got crosswise with the Jewish leaders precisely because he preached internal revolution, and left the Romans alone. No, he was not a (snicker) "community organizer."

And Sarah Palin won election to the governorship, and wasn't appointed after our victorious legions crushed all resistance and conquered Alaska. So, your Pontius Pilate reference is pretty much cluefucked, as well.

It's a bad habit to respond to your sort, but I've gone this far--your side might think more carefully about drawing open comparisons between your crummy little Chicago Heeler (I don't care much for yappy little ankle biters myself, although I understand people who live in apartment buildings prefer that sort) and the Son Of God. It makes the rest of us wonder if it's a good idea to turn the reins of power over to someone with a lot of followers like you.

I wish Leftists knew stuff--I might like talking to them.

the pawnbroker said...

wow, don't know if that was you or not, tam...dynamite regardless.

i was just gonna say that like most rabble-rousers, these are just worried about perpetuation; i'm sure they know palin has their number, and if she gets in that number might be up...


jimbob86 said...

"coordinator of social services"...

To my mind, coordinator of social servicers = disseminator of vote buying tax dollars. MY TAX DOLLARS. If I need any votes bought, I will buy them my damn self. Which ain't going to happen, as I don't believe they should be for sale. Ever.

What we need is truth in advertising. You are a "community organizer", you say? The only parts of my community that need organizing is my garage and my kids' sock drawers..... and if I find someone pokin' around in either place w/o me askin' them to, they will be fortunate if they get to explain to Sherrif Bill what exactly the sam hell they were doing there......

mts said...

How come successful communities don't need community organizers? Unless it's someone who's taken the time to oppose some government action, never someone who tries to get the government in even more. Like fighting a landfill, keeping a highway from bisecting a neighborhood, etc. Those are regular people who do the work out of their own time, and expense it from their pocket, who fade back into the community once the issue is handled.

I could never figure how someone gets a paid position doing that. But aren't then ghettos filled with paid social workers, community organizers, storefront preachers, and all sorts of other flotsam and jetsam who spend millions of poor relief, only to have the ghetto look the exact same at the end of the year as it has at the beginning?

I agree, the 50 year old War on Poverty, even in spite of "surges" of relief under Democrat administrations, has had zero effect, and no success, except for patronage.

Sailorcurt nailed it - we need an exit strategy. End welfare and foreign aid (welfare for foreigners who hate us), and spend the money on nuke plants.

staghounds said...

Oh no, the "war on poverty" has had PLENTY of effects.

First, poverty had its ass kicked. There aren't any people in the United states who are absolutely poor unless they choose to be. Our welfare system provides a life with shelter, food, health care, and amenities. Our "poor" have cell telephones, televisions, cars, and die at similar ages to the "non poor". They suffer from the diseases of plenty- diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer.

Second, the destrictive social results of keeping millions of people like zoo animals- from the nineteenth centurt-have been exactly as predicted.

Approaching half of all births in any good sized city are to unmarried women. Well over half of all black children are to unmarried women.

We tore down the slums and replaced them with concentration camps. Millions of our population, herded into housing projects populated by 100% non working people, will never work or produce anything but crime victims and babies.

Our crime rates have tripled. My experience is that in well over seven eighths of violent or property crimes, one or all of the people involved is on public assistance.

We have given them stuff and destroyed their families. They have nothing to do but breed and prey on each other.

We're getting what we paid for.

phlegmfatale said...

SInce I'm about to be in career limbo, I thought it would be worf a chuck to go to the City Of and see if I could apply for any "community organizer" positions. Then blog it all for every last scrap of entertainment value.

Yeah, I could do that, but I'm kind of bored with it already.

Akatsukami said...

"A community organizer is a coordinator of social services. A bureaucrat."

But without the accountability.