Sunday, December 07, 2008

Al Gore, you can rest now.

The average high temperature on this date here in the Circle City is 42 degrees. Today's high is going to fall short of that mark by, oh, twenty degrees or so. Meanwhile, this early in the AM, the wind shrieking across the tundra out of Mordor to the northwest is giving a balmy pre-dawn wind chill of something like 5 below 0mygodit'scold.

There's already an accumulation of global warming on the ground, with more scheduled for tomorrow. And Tuesday. And Thursday.

Al Gore, it is obvious that the chOsen One has done the trick. I guess you can fly off up north and give CPR to polar bears now.


Carteach said...

Here, a high of freezing, with snow forecast. "Heavy at times", whatever the blast that means. Perhaps it's involved with the "Winds gusting to 44mph'" prediction.... which sounds to me a bit more like "If you go outside, the roaring breath of a frozen god from hell will suck the heat from your bones and leave you as a warning Popsicle to future idiots".

Shermlock Shomes said...

Ah, but it's "Climate Change" we are to fear now as "Global Warming" is so easily challenged by the data.

Me, I figure we're on the cusp of another Ice Age.

Anonymous said...

You better hope Saint Alphonse does not show up- the Gore Effect Snow would bury you.

JPG said...

Lil' Sistah, reading today's missive, I once again marvel at the thought: You, having lived so much in Jawgia and Tennessee, could so readily embrace the chilly north. I DO admire your fortitude, if not your judgement.

(Written as I mildly shiver beneath sunny, 41-degree skies.)

Billll said...

Today in the Mile High City, I will be riding my motorcycle to the gun show in 65 deg. partly cloudy weather.

Switzerland USA is about 100 miles west of here.

This is par for the course here in winter, with periods of Siberia mixed in for fun.

Don't tell Al. The last time he visited, we had 8 inches of snow, every Thursday for 6 weeks. Shoveling all that warming gets old in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Central Florida will see a high today of about 62 (the official temp at the Orlando airport at 1210 hrs EST is 57.9). We should be about 78. Last 30 days is the coldest period I remember here in 16 years.

Can someone please send Al Gore to Europe ?

breda said...

a balmy 20 degrees least it's sunny!

Anonymous said...



We have enough a$$holes over here.
Oh, and it's frigid enough already.

tom said...

Quit complaining,

Frost on the windshield this morning in Central Texas.

Last time I checked you Northern folk were supposed to have ice in the winter...

Alleged rural non-mall-going mall ninja.

Anonymous said...

Its down to about -10C (think -10F) here, just cold enough that the snow will melt on your windshield and then freeze immediately. That said, for being this late in the year, and this far north, it isn't too bad. Jim

Anonymous said...

The Global Warming Crowd has occupied the following position: If it is unusually warm it is global warming. If it is unusually cold it is climate change caused by global warming. All of it is man made and can be cured only by giving the Federal Government total control over every aspect of your life because you are too stupid to live.

Zendo Deb said...

5 below? You've been there for a year, but maybe you just don't remember last year...

It will get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

When its 20 below, and the windchill is something like 30 below, then you can complain.

(And I am still - or again - suffering my northern Illinois exile from the land of sun and sand. Which is a long-winded way of saying "I feel your pain")