Sunday, December 07, 2008

Guns in parks poll at Yahoo.

Rock the Vote.


Mattexian said...

Rocked. So far, 57% aye, 41% nay, with almost 27k voting.

Anonymous said...

Allowing guns in parks doesn't seem to bother Alaskans

Anonymous said...

The premise of the question is wrong. All people who have guns should be allowed to carry in parks, concealed or not.


aepilot_jim said...

I'm not a big fan of the wording of the answers either. Seems that no matter how you vote, it's going to be skewed to mean denying the right.

Anonymous said...

I just voted, and the yes percentage is holding up well. I don't know why concealed is so important in the woods, like it is in civilization. I'd like my firearm right there in its exterior holster, thank you.

I never got the thrill in hiking and camping. Maybe it was too much field detail in the Army. And knowing that there was a host of various woodland creatures happy enough to make me dinner, alongside a sprig of parsley for flavoring, and a helping of berries as a side. And my not being able to at least kill what was killing me.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, when I was a wee sprog, Dad use to take us camping in all the cool national forests when we lived in Napa Kalifornia. He alway brought a gun. He said he'd gladly pay the $500 fine and confiscation of gun, rather then let us be lunch by some park Bear. And we did see them at night going after the garbage cans.

Some laws were meant to be broken.

Now that I live in MN, you can go up to the Iron Range and the wardens won't dare go into the woods.

I saw a farmer on a tractor shoot a deer out of season while I was pheasant hunting (on his land) and I inquired while he went about dressing the deer in broad daylight, wasn't he worried about getting caught shooting a deer out of season?

He said "It's my land, so this is my deer."

I asked, "What if a Game Warden sees you from the road?"

Farmer says, "No problem so long as he stays on the road. He steps one foot on my land, then he's my Game Warden."

- db

Anonymous said...

"...then he's my Game Warden."
Sounds just like a couple farmers I know who live in the same neck of the woods as my Dad's farm. Those guys make a living off the land, and their crops feed those deer too, so if they want to harvest them any time of the year, I feel it's 100% their right to do so.
If I were the local Game Warden, I'd stay off his land! :P

Ken said...

"Some" visitors?

Ride Fast said...

[...] Vote, you yahoo's [...]

Tam said...


When presented with polls like that, I always go with the spirit, rather than the letter.

Basically, I ask myself "Of the available answers, which one is most likely to make Oprah cry?"

Anonymous said...

Bleh. Stupid poll script writers. It allows infinite votes from any IP - basically, script kiddies win.

So, which gunny is a closet-script-kiddie? :)