Thursday, December 04, 2008

Breaking News:

Remington apparently doing right thing in H-S Precision goatrope.

I am really liking this Tommy Milner guy.


Anonymous said...

Where o'where IS H-S Precision?

It MAY be mildly plausible that HS did not know of Lon Horseshit's murderous act, or believed that his shots were on immediate threats, or that mebbe being a FED and not brought to trial is the same as Not Guilty.

And it just could be that HS is helmed by a-historical wunderkids with no sense of the absolute anguish and outrage that fired up the gun owning community after Ruby Ridge and Waco. I still see that Hell of burning buildings on my mind's screen, and still want to see perps dancing on the end of a public rope. It was murder, aforethot, and created by actions of the Clinton Administrations anti-gun minions. Ummm..ya down wit' DAT posse, HS?

However, nothing puts one who participated in those sanctioned political killings beyond moral judgment. To continue Horseshit's employment, after having his past quite publicly excoriated by the gun owners who still remember his killings, is either butthead stupid or is tacit approval of that act.

Either way, H-S is losing. Perhaps they are thinking "only LEO and MISspec sales" anyway. Once O'puke runs his 'ending' games on the gun owners, why care about future civilian sales? Or, mebbe...what? I couldn't even speculate, at this point. Nausea intrudes, no matter what avenue of alternate realities I no longer wish to pursue.

Mebbe ya just hadda be alive when it happened. I just can't comprehend how difficult it could be to understand "Morally Indefensible, Period".


HS is owning that part, now.

Anonymous said...

Umm..that above would be me, a gun owning peasant.

John the Red.

atlharp said...

Well Kudos to Remington. Their UMC is the best 9mm target ammo that I know of. Their brass is the best for reloading as well, the winchester lately has been giving me way too many high primers!

Unknown said...

I need more 9mm reloading fodder, and my next purchase is going to be Remington 115gr FMJ and Golden Saber 124gr HPJ bulk reloading bullets. I was thinking about purchasing Winchester FMJ's, but it will be Remington for sure (they work just as well as the Winchester bullets anyway). It does my heart good to see a company CEO like Tommy Milner respond like a normal person, and do the right thing. You know this guy is serious about keeping his customers happy, and I will be returning the favor by purchasing their products.

Way to go Remington!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Well. Ok, then. Remington just got taken off my naughty list and back on the nice.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Milner is causing me problems. I like to buy from companies that support my rights (or in the case of foreign companies, those in countries who have been steadfast allies of ours).

Remington was a company that has always just been off my radar, as they don't make handguns, I prefer the Mossberg 500 to the Remington 870, and the .35Rem cartridges I need are better done by Hornady. Now I feel as though I'd like to go out and get a 700 or something. My poor wallet!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Milner knows that old saying; "Dance with the one that brung ya'".

Anonymous said...

And while we have the topic open, why WOULDN'T LEO folks and bureaus have a problem with this guy? He killed an unarmed woman. He embarrassed his peers. He cost the government money and escaped punishment because of.....connections.

Time for some of the LEO folks to step up. People like Hortouchi have used professional law enforcement's reputation for toilet paper.

Not distancing themselves from this kind of person is bad for the country.

KingsideRook said...

Agreed, good for Remington.

H-S, however, has been sent two polite emails on the subject, that I personally know of, and dozens more than I'm fairly certain of. If they had an apology, retraction, clarification, or anything, we'd likely have heard it. I'm pretty certain they're noticed they need to say something, anything, by now, if not from consumer response, then certainly a call from Remington should get a reaction.

Their silence is deafening by now. Make my next bolt gun stock a McMillan.


Douglas Hester said...

Email out to Mr. Millner last night:

"A section from a blog post I just published, outlining your stances on both the Jim Zumbo issue as well as the latest H-S fiasco:

'I already use Remington's UMC ammunition for practice exclusively because of its quality and value, as well as their Golden Saber personal defense ammo because of its reliable expansion properties and consistent performance. I will now also make sure that the next rifle or shotgun I purchase will be a Remington product as well. I suggest wholeheartedly that everyone else consider the same when evaluating your firearm or ammunition needs.'

Mr. Millner, you have made a customer for life.

I mean every word of it."

Email back from Mr. Millner this morning:

"Thanks so much!

We are just trying to do the right thing.

Its nice to know people notice good deeds


The man apparently responds to every email he receives.

That's a stand-up executive.