Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reasonable Gun Laws, California Edition.

Wherein it's easier to get weapons-grade plutonium shipped to you as a Third World dictator than it is to get an antique World War II rifle shipped from out of state as a California inmate resident...

(H/T to Robb.)

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RHT447 said...

As an FFL in Kalifornina, I am well aware of this latest round of B.S., the California Firearms Licensee Check (CFLC) Program. That said, I recommend everyone read the FAQ, specifically question #2---

Question-- I am not an FFL but I want to ship a firearm to a California FFL. Do I have to obtain a Firearms Shipment Approval number before shipping a firearm to California?

Answer-- No. The requirement to obtain a Firearms Shipment Approval number only applies to holders of valid FFLs.

For any FFL shipping me a firearm who has questions about how the CFLC system works, I offer them to call my toll-free number and I will walk them through it.