Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CNN International poll...

Bottom right of the page:
Do the recent shooting rampages highlight the need for more gun control?


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

CNN -- Commmie News Network.

Voted "no", of course :)

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Wow, too many M's...must be almost quittin' time :)

JT said...

Good God, it's 73% yes and 27% no right now. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it being CNN for one, and International for another.

knirirr said...

it was 72:28 when I voted just now. "No," of course.

Anonymous said...

It's rigged, I'm sure. Hey, I just blogged about a kid who used scissors instead of a gun for a change! Finally, someone uses something else.

atlharp said...

I didn't see that one coming! I hope the try something after this. CNN poll= self-fulfilling prophecy!


Anonymous said...

70/30 now.

Not that that many people with views center to right visit CNN for anything other than a laugh.


wv : distab , what happens when there are no guns.

Anonymous said...

Note the conviently supplied prior conclusion in the phrasing.

alath said...

My thoughts exactly, Ritchie.

There are two options:
1) there is a need for more gun control, but these shootings don't highlight that need
2) there is a need for more gun control, and these shootings do highlight that need

Propaganda much?

Anonymous said...

You missed the real CNN shocker. Turns out the Bolsheviks really did kill the Czar's family.
Coming from them, that's quite an admission. But, you know, they won't argue with DNA. Heh.

TXGunGeek said...

And now they have changed the poll to "have you ever failed to run a background check on someone and later regretted it."

Tam said...

If I had failed to run a background check on someone, I'd be regretting it in prison right now.

Anonymous said...

posted this around tomyusual places and suspects. Some folks didn't see the point, so:

Of course you should be cynical...
that's why I love to see the Aunties get shellacked in these things. It's a fraud to begin with, so why not sink them with their own tactics?

The last poll to which pro-gun response happened is still floating around in cyberspace, and surfaces every once in while: at about ten to one: pro-gun. It is forever useless as anti-gun propaganda. As a good guerrilla students of People's Liberation Movements and The Comintern we should use every tactic to misinform, mislead and fragment the enemy.

As to the possibility of the poll rejecting right wing names? Hell, I'm Aunt Polly from Boston, if it comes to that. Tho come to think of it, so far as a wolf in NICE NAME clothes, I be's mo'like Madame Dufarge From A tale of Two Cities: knit one, pearl two, hang three, behead four - repeat 'til the task is done.

Or mebbe that smilin' and polite Uncle Snedly, who always seems to digging in his garden and flower beds. He's always so nice to visiting politicians. Has 'em for dinner, I've heard.

My patience is a bit snappy lately, so's I'd best shut ma' mouf'. Wouldn't want to be trying out the new indoor sport of the Left Wing Investigating Committee for Un-American Activities and Sedition: waterboarding. -- I mean aquatic interrogation. Ya don't think it won't happen? Not to those nice Muslim terrs, but those awful right wing gun owners deserve EVERYTHING they get, y'betcha

Nah, Woof Blitzen and his Red Confederates will be convinced of nothing. It's too late for them, in a way [a very nice way, of course]. However, reality and truth are not the coin they recognize anyway. So, whip in a 10,000 vote bump in 12 hours and see what happens.

We've GOT to get mobilized electronically, so WE can counter their misinformation, by making such polls or other manufactured propaganda totally useless to them. The gun blogs are linked. Why not BBS's? There must be how many of us on-line, in an eight hour day? When the 'Net starts getting hit by tidal waves of irate gun owners, ya think no one will notice?

Fight fire with a back fire.

"chair"; yeah, right.

J t R

Anonymous said...

and BTW, speaking of fraud, does anyone think the 52% of gun sellers failed to do background checks. Christ on a Crutch!!!

It's enough to make rational minds puke.

J t R heading for the Maalox.

'asitsize' well, not exactly.

Anonymous said...

"and BTW, speaking of fraud, does anyone think the 52% of gun sellers failed to do background checks."

Damn, where are these gun sellers? Never seen one in the wild...I've always had to patiently wait whilst they call it in.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get there before they changed the question: "Have you ever failed to run checks on someone and later regretted it?"

My own question would be, who are those who answered "yes"? I had tables at gunshows for decades, buying/selling/trading. How would I ever know if somebody had gone off with a purchase from me and done a Bad Thing? Same for somebody selling some inherited pieces, or selling out in old age.

All dealers gotta check, so no dealers could vote in the poll, and private sellers can't check or know.

Dumb. But, that's CNN...