Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun Show time!

Today we are stalking the wild K-22 Combat Masterpiece in its natural habitat, the gun show.

I've got no cash, but I may be able to trade into it.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Good luck. My 5 screw pre-war K22 is one of my nicer shooters. Accurate, reliable and cheap to feed. Great gun.

og said...

Good hunting!

Owen said...

good luck, and do keep us updated i love to read your stories of gun shows.

Dave Markowitz said...

Good luck! My Model 18 is one of the finest shooting pistolas that I own.

Anonymous said...

O-bla-dee, Oh-bla-da!

Joy is in the making, there.

BTW, anyone close to NW Ohio At 4PM on 1016 N summit, downtown, today. a large gun auction.

For the common weal: I have nothing in nor an interest with the event.

...but I'm going. I wear a Chesapeake Bay Retriever Hat, and look old, tired and gray, because I am.

DOORS OPEN at 4 p.m.
100's of quality firearms. Browning, Colt, Smith, Luger, Mossburg, Remington & much more. Sports, handguns, compacts, too many to list. Also seeking quality consignments. See ad at ID 5903
1016 N. SUMMIT ST. 419-244-SELL

'sheprop'? Well, not necessarily.

J t R aka John the Red
West End of Lake Erie

trainer said...

That one is #1 on my current wish list. I've got a line on one in primo shape for $500.

Anonymous said...

JTR, thought I recognized that address. Any of you, anywhere in the Midwest, still holding a losing 50/50 ticket from the game dinner: read the fine print (right under "Save This Part") and it will say Toledo Ticket Co, 1016 N Summit St.

As far as I can prove, in 50 years they did not print one single winner.

Anonymous said...

Auction was mostly 'retail' prices onthings I wanted, didn't meet reserve onthings I really wanted, and cheeep onstuff for which I had no use.

Earlier 'Wavytop' .35 Marlin w/ Ballard rifling was my main jones, which was pulled when 400.00 minimum wasn't met.

A flat-top Single Six in 'nice' w/o box went for 350.00. best buy was Begioum Browning Auto-fives. Some real STEALS, there, 250-350 range for good ones.

AK's, SKS's, MAC 10, Uzi carbine, etc went for Max and most pistols were at retail or over.

And, the 1016 address was once a prosperous company that supplied concession merch for the bustling theaters, in a once bustling downtown Toledo: presently AKA ghost town.

Now, a home to an auction company, a temp labor agency, empty spaces, and a pawnshop, of sorts.

pratio -- rich with possibilities, indeed.

J t R

Anonymous said...

John, I know a fascinating filty story about the shoe works that used to be in that block. If the neighborhood ever comes up in comments again, remind me.

Things were bustling at the old Valentine this weekend. It's nothing more than a collection of government arts grants now, but $29 didn't seem too much for a pole dance if the grind music was by R.Strauss, and there were Southern Baptists in the audience.

The singing was good, but either I'm getting sybaritic or the 7 Veils ain't what it used to be. I blame the Baptists this time.