Friday, March 20, 2009

A request...

Please don't register at boards which I moderate with some goofy name in DrUnKeNtYpE and spend all night posting to threads about how you want to join the military so you can shoot people in the head.

I hate having to clean that crap up first thing in the morning.

(Not that there's a chance in hell of the doofus in question actually reading this, but...)

Jeeze, I have completely lost my train of thought after all that.


Anonymous said...

I have long wondered how such doofi function well enough in life itsownself to ever have the surplus, disposable funds to buy a computer and pay an ISP.

Oops! silly me. Us Olde Pharts don't think in terms of using VISA to pay AMEX.



Anonymous said...

Libraries, Art. Libraries.

Carnegie know not what he wrought.

WV exude. On a bad day, they do.

NotClauswitz said...

Most have parents who over indulged.
And stupidly even WV: glowed with pride at Little Jimmy.

Rabbit said...

No mentions of duct-taped chest plates or assault wheelbarrows, though.




The act of swapping out a Del-Ton upper for a more 'tacticool' one with Qu4D rA1Lz from Stag.

Anonymous said...

"To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth."

A reading from the Holy Words of St. Cooper.

"The precept originated at the court of the great kings of Persia, where wealth and power were so concentrated as to produce a style of life conspicuously unsuited to the upbringing of a young nobleman. Luxury and authority are not good for a young man, and if he enjoys such things in his adolescence he is most unlikely to develop into a man of character."

Read the rest for yourself!!

Saint Col. Jeff Cooper, Gunsite, July 1988.

If you don't own it now, go forth and buy it, then sin no more.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, go buy it. Because you'll never find it in a public library.

WV = "autessem"; caused by a secret government plot to poison our kids with mandatory innockyellashenss.

Anonymous said...

James, TJL,
I might just buy a few copies FOR the local libraries. Do you think they'd keep em?