Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Minister of Heavy Industry says...

...not to worry, the government will back the warranty on your GAZ or Lada.

They may not be so hot at running a brothel, but apparently they're great at transmission rebuilds.


Carteach said...

So.... do you suppose the present crop of tie wearers are following Ayn Rand's plan because they love it, or are too stupid to know it?

I think we need a Randian score card, or maybe a Bingo card.
"B7, Peoples Republic of Mexico confiscates all US airlines property in their country.... "


The Raving Prophet said...

Looks like my Jeep's lifetime powertrain warranty is now backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government.

Given that the current national debt is well into the 14 figures to the left of the decimal, future budgets will be expanding it at the rate of about one trill' every year, Social Security is nothing but one huge unfunded Ponzi scheme, and our promised entitlements would be likely to bankrupt us even with zero debt and money in the bank, well, I think I felt better when it was just Chrysler. Chrysler at least knew that if they screwed me they would pay for it by never selling me another vehicle. The US government knows that they can put the screws to me with no fear of retribution.

I also kinda wonder if this is going to have unethical dealers reporting massive amounts of warranty work or result in a huge bureaucracy and long wait if your power steering pump dies at 13,000 miles.

Anonymous said...

A mixture of company and taxpayer money..?

It is, at the moment, all taxpayer money. The line of people who need a meaningful horse-whipping is getting longer and longer.


Gewehr98 said...

Can't wait to by an Alfa Romeo at my local Chrysler dealership, myself.

(I miss my old Fiat Spyder 2000...)

The Raving Prophet said...

According to the latest, turns out the Lightbringer isn't committing to covering MY warranty, just those cars bought during the restructuring period.

And the automakers will contribute some to the plan. Not much; they want a fund that's 125% the amount of anticipated warranty claims, 15% of which will come from the automakers. The remaining 110% will be our tax dollars.

Well, here's hoping my Jeep fulfills the "better than average" reliability rating given by Consumer Reports.

Anonymous said...

RP, if your Jeep is misbehaving it's because you're not beating it hard enough. At Jeep House they referred to the process of parent-company bankruptcy as "bringing in a new owner." You don't have to worry.

Scores of "conservators" (skinflints) are salivating at the idea of a GM bankruptcy that would finally make parts available. No maker was more adept at the 7-year-rule on parts and support--rather akin to the RIAA suing pirates for recordings they deliberately kept unavailable for decades.

It's easier to keep a Studebaker on the road than it is a 1980's GM car (well, for more than one reason, really). Used to be, you bought a car because it was easy to work on, not because it was guaranteed not to wear until you were bored with it. I've known people who traded in houses when the warranty expired.