Tuesday, March 31, 2009


How many times have you boxed your own ears in annoyance at hearing some newsdroid, who barely knows from which end the bullet emerges, mouth the words "easily converted" in relation to semiautomatic weapons?

(That is, of course, when they even bother to make the distinction between your Paw-paw's deer rifle and Ol' Painless.)

EDITED TO ADD EVEN MORE MYTHBUSTING: Well, actually it's more "meme-busting", but you should read Don Gwinn's post on the Mexican Gun Canard and why it sounds so familiar.


TJP said...

And hey, none of you needed 100 psi of air pressure, high-speed cameras or Kari Byron's butt to do it.

Anonymous said...

I know of few things that wouldn't be improved with Kari's company thrown in the mix.

But, what was I going to say before I got distracted? Oh, right, repetition: I would worry much more about the guy taking patient, aimed shots at me, than the guy on rock 'n roll hoping for the best. This whole easily-converted thing is just scare tactics.


staghounds said...

Shouldn't that be Mexi-canard?

Where's the OUTRAGE (tm) over all the American cars and airplanes the Mexican narcotraficantes use?

Close the car classified loophole!!!

Alas, the wonderful reporter Mike Yon might be falling for it.

Submit word diection- that thing Cialis patients are supposed to call in about if they get.

Mad Saint Jack said...

My little goggle search for the cause.

After hearing Clinton’s comments in Mexico on the expiration of the assault weapons ban I looked up the murder rate in Mexico to see what happened in 2004 when the ban expired.

2000 14.11
2001 13.94
2002 13.04
2003 17.5

2004 11.1

2005 10.6
2006 10.8



Anonymous said...

In between insults of catholic shrines, Madam Clinton pledged a significant amount of new US-made "military hardware" to the Mexican government to help in the war on drugs, presumably soon to be known as the Cross-Border Deployment Commitment on Drugs.

There are 50,000 desertees from the Army of Mexico. So far. Now, if I were a drug lord, I know where I'd be looking for good, gently used M16's.

Mad Saint Jack said...

for sale M16s "only dropped once!"

Joseph said...

I have been pointing this out to people...the cartels have easy access to auto weapons from Mexico and South America vs. semi-auto weapons from the US. Not to mention, such a large upswing in purchases of M-16 and AK-47 style weapons in the US would have caught the eye of the Feds long ago. Full-auto weapons (legally) in the hands of civilians in the US are JUST NOT THAT COMMON!!! They are expensive to purchase, not to mention the cost of the ammo for oh, one minute's shooting.

Hunsdon said...

Say, amigo. My native land of Mexico produces frickin' killer weed (well, ditch weed, but in bulk), but our climate isn't right for the growing of the coca.

So, when we import metric tons of the stuff, do you think you could maybe throw a couple of AKs in, as, you know, lagniappe?

Mad Saint Jack said...


IIRC the Mex cartels get their coke from FARC.

FARC is friendly with Hugo Chavez.

Chavez just got a new AK plant from the Russians.

It works for me.

closed said...

Anyone with cash can buy anything they want.

Back in the 1980's, Norinco sold 106mm recoiless rifles for $1500 each, new. The ammo was $50 per round.

You paid the factory for what you wanted, they loaded it into your container, labeled the bill of lading any way you wanted, and posted a guard on said container until it left China.

Strictly cash and carry. Same as it is now ... just a bit more expensive.

Axeman said...

My local birdcage liner ran an editorial about this and to my surprise they actually printed my rebuttal!

Here's my LTTE:

Don said...

I once got a "B" on a paper about the assault weapons ban and why it was political theater from a Government 103 professor who said I had argued my point convincingly but it was all undone by the fact that anyone could convert an AR-15 to full-auto in a matter of minutes.
No kidding, he wrote that on the paper.

closed said...

He wanted an excuse to give you a "B" instead of an "A".

And I'll bet he didn't want to talk about slam-fires, or the fact that a full auto trigger group won't fit in a standard AR lower without milling out the back of it.