Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Check your hat size; I think your beanie is too tight.

It is important when getting fitted for a Reynold's Wrap yarmulke to ensure that one sizes it correctly, lest it cut off circulation to the forebrain.

For an example of what can happen if it is too tight, may I direct you to this comment at the PJM article on the Great Ammo Drought of '09:
You people are pawns. Where are you gonna put all that ammo? Your garage is already full of duct tape and plastic sheeting. Did your dad build a bomb shelter when you were a kid? Some cement block mold incubator that you all sat in for five minutes eating crackers and trying to tune in Civil Defense Radio on the transistor? Think that would have helped? Did you duck and cover in grade school?

You’re being played. Given the amount of time you spend whining about the economy, I’d think there would be more critical needs to address than stocking up on .38+Ps.

They got your mind. Now they got your money. Suckers.

Y'know, maybe I'm just buying it to shoot at paper targets, Cletus, but in an inflationary environment with a cratering stock market, long-storage consumables like ammunition and canned food are some of the best investments there are. It's called "spend your money while it's still worth something." It makes me smile to take some target-grade .22LR to the range that is still wearing price tags lower than what you'd pay for cheapie plinkin'-grade stuff today.

What I really like, though, what makes me chuckle every time I re-read it, is your inference that this whole thing is some conspiracy by an unholy troika of the Bush administration, 3M, and Olin-Winchester. That's rich.

Dude, you need a hobby.


Earl said...

Don't I love being lumped with "you people" instead of "we the people"? Divided and Conquered!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Alcoa, the maker of all that aluminum foil. I'm pretty sure they're involved in all this somehow too, in an ongoing attempt to drive up sales figures of Reynolds wrap. And remember, shiny side OUT for better reflection of the mind control waves.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I guess all the flaming liberals where I work coming up to me and asking what kind of guns they should get for home defense since shit seems to be heading south real quick should be chalked up to the ammo companies and the prime time advertisements they've been running.

Oh... wait...

Crustyrusty said...

I'll probably be able to sell some of it at even higher prices to nards like this when they figure out that they're screwed without a firearm. And if the S never HTF, then I'll just go out and have a really long range session :D

Anonymous said...

I didn't duck and cover in grade school. Considering that the school was across the street from one of the many Grounds Zero, the administrators came to the Modern Liberal Acceptance pretty early. I have not forgiven them that.

My take is that if there is mold in your shelter, you're doing it wrong. Given that most yuppies can't save their finished basement when the sump pump quits ("I'm going out on the porch to watch the blast"), I'm not at all surprised.

El Capitan said...

He does have a hobby... It's called "Trolling teh Intarwebs".

I for one wish he'd take up flower arranging, though...

Anonymous said...

.38+Ps? Why would I stock up on that sissy round? My first pistol is a 9mm; my second is a 10mm; my third is a .45acp and my last is a .22LR with a 7.25" barrel.

The .22LR pistol will probably be used for dispatching rabbits, squirrels and other assorted small game in a discrete fashion, instead of pulling out my .22 cal. long gun, if the S ever HTF.

The 10 and the .45 are both 1911s and are my defensive guns.

The 9 I got when I first got my pistol license.

As for Cletus, when he realizes he'd be screwed without a gun, it'll be too late for him to get one then. Schaudenfreude will taste sweet then.

Rabbit said...


I'm cleaning an AR bolt assembly at my desk while working and reading this.
I also work for one of those eeevil multinationals he's so afraid of.
Who would have thought?


when your bunker has to be extra-strong, use reebar.


Anonymous said...

We ducked and covered in my elementary school, but mostly because we lived in an earthquake-prone area.

The Raving Prophet said...

As they say, buy it cheap and stack it deep. I'm not even very good at doing that.

I am still glad I picked up a full 480 round case of GP11 for my K31 when I bought it three years ago. I wish I'd have bought two- at $150/480 rounds then it was a screaming bargain. Now it's darn near a buck a round when you can find it.

Firehand said...

Considering how hard finding friggin' .22 long rifle is lately, I'm very damn glad I bought some extra packs before Pres. B. Cartman Obama & his AG began opening their mouths.

Anonymous said...

I've always had a "beans, bullets and bandaids" mentality!