Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You stay classy, Barry!

Thank goodness we got rid of that gaffe-prone provincial hick in the White House and replaced him with a man who is the model of sophisticated, suave urbanity.


Anonymous said...

Umm, but DVDs are not unclassy per se, right? Er, um, depends on the situation, right?

I mean if someone gave someone a Smith & Wesson DVD for Christmas that would be classy, right?

Shootin' Buddy

the pawnbroker said...

well, at least it wasn't the unabridged self-help series:

"learn to have fun and profit from community organization and mass hypnosis in ten easy-to-follow videos!"

'cause that set sold out in under an hour after the other "o" featured it in the book/video club.


Weer'd Beard said...

#1 PM Brown has very bad eyesight.
Not sure how much enjoyment he might get out of those DVDs.

Also unless he has (or buys) an American DVD player, likely the region code on the disks would make them unplayable in the UK.


Anonymous said...

It isn't that giving DVDs as a gift between two people, particularly if they're carefully chosen, is bad. This is more gift-giving between countries, and in that context a DVD set is... pretty feeble. Surely, there are a hundred ways this could have gone better.

This could be a good post: Three better ideas for a gift for England, and why.


the pawnbroker said...

"Three better ideas for a gift for England, and why."

coupla big brass ones and a good swinger in the middle?

'cus they seem to have lost theirs somewhere along the way.

oh, wait...we got nary to spare.


Robert Langham said...

I don't think US DVDs will play on European systems...will they?

An don't overlook Hillary as Sec State- she gave the Russians a toy reset button thingie....but got the word "reset" wrong. Her word translates as "overcharge".

Dumb old George Bush had a Sec State that SPOKE Russian. Remember Condelezza Rice? Panned as Bush's "house nigger"?
Yep. Smartest people in the world, Obama and his crew.

Anonymous said...

There is no way that that insult was an accident. It's a deliberate slap in the face: neither Obama nor his crew are stupid. Evil, yes. Stupid, I don't think so.

Now the question: why? What are they trying to accomplish?

Anonymous said...

There is actually a position in the government TO&E for selector and purchaser of state gifts= during the Reagan administration, a friend of mine's daughter filled it. It was a genuine, challenging, full time, and great job.

But serious, too- these things matter more than one might think. I guarantee that SOMEONE told the President, or his chief of staff, that this was an insult.

But it's his world, the rest of us- even Gordon Brown- just live in it.

Arcadia Iris said...

I spent the afternoon reading about this, Michelle's gift to the Brown's sons, and the excuse of "We weren't being rude... we're just n00bs!" Quite frankly, this is funnier than Ouchy the Clown!

Thank you for today, Tam. You've given the gift of rofl.

Anonymous said...

Heh, he could have sgiven them a "Fruit of the Month" subscription!

TOTWTYTR said...

Based on his performance so far, I'm more inclined to be in the "stupid, not evil" camp. Or maybe the "evil, but stupid" camp.

Disasterous cabinet appointments, gaffe filled speeches, insulting valued allies, he's done it all. Oh, and his vaunted stimulus law has driven the stock market to lows not seen in over 20 years.

Did I mention that he's on the verge of snatching defeat from the Jaws of Victory in Iraq and Afghanistan? Just wait until he stumbles us into a shooting war with Mexico.

Is is 2013 yet?

Anonymous said...

This has got to be the most inept collection of clowns to insult the White House that I've seen in my rather long lifetime.

You can housebreak a puppy, but this bunch can't even find the newspaper.