Friday, March 13, 2009

Bad choices.

I'm sorry, but I couldn't answer this poll. The only choices were "Hero" and "Outlaw". I wanted to click "Tacky".


Anonymous said...


Jenny said...

Oh, the fun one was a couple weeks back. Something like "will Obama erase the national debt?"

options -
a. yes.
b. The Republicans won't let him.
c. The World won't let him.

Yup, those were all the options.
whee. :)

closed said...

He needs to level up moar is missing.

Anonymous said...

I thought 3 years was a little steep for a republic.

Although staying above room temperature with both hands and feet still attached is a little light for a dictatorship.

(WV: weadet, what I have to do to the lawn this weekend)

Tam said...

I thought any charge above "Disorderly Conduct" and "Being A Jackass In Public" made no sense whatsoever, but such are the ways of inscrutable Asia.

Anonymous said...

Were it done here, and Our One the target, you'd get a lesson in inscrutability.

Stan said...

Outlaws I can respect, not so much for Shoe Guy.

Anonymous said...

Someone recently threw a shoe at Ahmadinejad, I read. I think a poll should form to guess his fate:

a) dead
b) soon to be dead
c) imprisonment in a jail that'll make him wish that he was dead

wv: hylitar - what dyslexic Nazis said when a state official walked by

Assrot said...

I wanted to click "Dumbass" but that was not available either.

I think it's a little harsh giving the guy 3 years for throwing shoes at someone.

What the hell? Bush can't throw shoes back?

Humanity has some serious growing up to do. I'm not sure enough of us are up to the challenge to assure the survival of the species.


Anonymous said...

If I understand you right, Assrot Joe, humanity will have seriously grown up when the president of the United States throws things at people. I'm not sure my idea of the survival of the species meshes with yours.

But I have seen George Bush throw, in the 2001 World Series. I'm pretty sure is fastball would be fatal. I'd take the three years.

Anonymous said...

Back when the shoes got thrown, I recall that news stories told us relentlessly that "in their culture, throwing shoes is regarded as an insult." Well, thank you, Sherlock, for explaining such a subtle point to us dumb hicks.

In my culture, dropping tons of bombs from jet aircraft is regarded as an insult; I figure that Dubya knew he was ahead on that score. He quite properly laughed off the shoe throwing.

The fellow would have saved himself some trouble if he'd skipped throwing the shoes and had just held up a sign reading, "I am a moron."

Assrot said...

Anonymous, you have a very unique mis-understanding of my comment. Are you possibly a journalist?

I'd explain what I meant but I doubt you'd get it.


Anonymous said...

Gosh Joe, I tried to leave that open for clarification. Let me put it this way: Who but a journalist struts around pontificating about "Hyoo-monnity" growing up, and not (sob) being sure if weeee are up to the challenge? Pap.

Talk like a liberal zit, get lanced like one. But you're too smart to explain. Yuh-huh.

Assrot said...

Hmmm.... I find that it is generally Liberals that hide behind Anonymous rather than at the least using a bloghandle and email address.

Typical Liberal. Spout off at the mouth and run and hide.

Anonymous said...

I'm right here Joe, no hiding. You spouted off, with a cliche and a non-sequitur. I asked you a question. You didn't answer.

You're a namecaller, Joe, and you have a hard time expressing yourself in writing. I can't even tell what you're mad about.

Assrot said...


I'm pretty sure you are the one that started calling names first. I apparently hit a nerve when I asked if you are a journalist.

I see though that in typical Liberal fashion, you start ranting and mis-spelling words to try and up your coolness. Also typically Liberal is the fact that you must have the last word. You just can't shut up can you?

If you had asked your question in a civilized manner, I'd have answered in a civilized manner.

I'm sure Tam is getting a good laugh out of this but I'm done talking to you.

Go ahead and post one of your witty, mis-spelled comments now. I'm surprised you haven't insulted my family or some other such bull.


wv: renut - Talking to the same nut over and over expecting different results.