Friday, March 13, 2009

Unintended consequences...

So, as more and more states enter serious budget crunches, they are going to start cutting back on expensive services. One of those expensive services on which they're going to cut back is warehousing criminals.

Now, letting Jeff Spicoli's connection for Oaxacan ditchweed out of the pokey a year or two early is one thing, but not everyone on parole is so benign.

(H/T to SurvivalBlog.)


Anonymous said...

Like the police who always get there in time to draw the chalk outlines, GPS anklets let them know exactly where the serial rape/murders and immolations took place.

You have no idea how much simpler this makes the paperwork.

WV: atones. Guess he doesn't.

Rob K said...

And it makes me question why Bernie Madoff is going to jail for 150 years, but this POS got what? 10 years?If there were justice, Bernie Madoff would be a slave to the people he defrauded for the rest of his life, and this POS would be in a grave.

Anonymous said...

Letting the ditchweed connection out of the pokey will not cause people to open their wallets to make sure he doesn't get out again.

In the same vein you never hear about various govts getting rid of the third undersecretary of hoot owl inspectors when the aforementioned govt runs low on cash. It's always the firefighters, police officers, paramedics and teachers who get the pink slips.

Make the public feel the pain and they will open their wallets. Heck, let the public see that the .gov can run fine on less money and then there will be less money to rn the .gov and that just can not be tolerated.

Where do you think we are? Ameri.....

Anonymous said...

The English had it right; hang them in the Tower of London then leave their heads on Traitor's Gate. Maybe you could do something similar?

My level of sympathy for bipedal vermin like this: Precisely zero.


Anonymous said...

Just another reason to stockpile ammunition, ALWAYS carry, and keep up your 360 degree scanning.

"Get off my lawn!"

staghounds said...

This has been going on for a while, sometimes quietly, sometimes with scare press releases when the state wants a tax increase.

BUT, Spiccoli's dealer never went to prison in the first place.

As we all know, there are very few people in prison in this state- which is I suspect typical- ONLY for selling marijuana, or any other drug.

Much as the legalisation folks would have you believe otherwise.

To get into a state prison, at least here, you have to earn it. More than a fourth of our current inmates are killers. Selling some reefer, if that's all you do, won't even get you on the short list.

Anonymous said...

What is the price break to the taxpayer in letting him out of jail, but put on welfare and utterly useless rehab programs? Plus the increase in risk and insurance premiums as he goes back to the "easy" life?

Father Flanagan, the founder of Boy's Town and Girl's Town, was arguably one of the bleedingest hearts of all time. Yet even the good father said "If you can't get to a kid before his thirteenth birthday, you never will".

A sociopath is a sociopath, is a...

staghounds said...

A MEN Ed Foster!

The pro criminal utilitarians always act as if the choice were the expense of incarceration versus an honest, hard working, net economic contributor to society.

We're feeding, housing,medicating, dressing, and amusing most of them when they are out. If not directly, then through their women's benefits.

The NET economic cost of locking up any given thousand current prison inmates is a negative number. And that's not even considering the social benefits.

But as long as crime mainly happens to unorganised poor folks, mainly Democratic voting black ones, don't look for any "Change".

In D areas, they already vote the right way in their crime ridden, crime nursery Mappin terraces. It brings no benefit to spend perfectly good patronage and loyalty money making them safer.

And the Rs know that no matter what, the victims in the projects will pull the D lever- so again, no reason to help out.

Sometimes, being a loyal, dependable serf has its drawbacks.

Anonymous said...

You know, we could cut the cost of "warehousing" criminals by making the death penalty something other than a dead letter.

Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Grouch, that argument has been seriously undermined. The cost of mandatory automatic court challenges is now so great that life in prison is counted as cheaper than execution.

Funny world.

staghounds said...

Life in prison is WAY cheaper than trying to kill one, in our system the way we do it.

The death penalty, except for people like M'Veigh, is just a lottery. It serves no deterrent purpose, and probably only a tiny disabling one- certainly nothing like what its cost justifies.

We'll never have a useful death penalty, based on "cheaper than feeding them". That would mean hanging them down to third time burglars and second time rapists, nd our gentle public would never stand the parade of grieving mamas.

We ought to do away with it, on purely utilitarian grounds.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, given all those givens. If you're going to drive them before you, you're going to hear the lamentations of their women. That's a feature, not a bug.

Someone ought to try upsetting the Civilians at their 'brake-fasts,' just once on our way out. You never know, there might be life in the old girl yet.