Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jack Cafferty: The funniest man at CNN.

The country had had a bellyful of George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the rest of the messengers of darkness in Washington who had sold out the principles of the Republican Party in favor of huge deficits, a doubling of the national debt, and a growing intrusion of the federal government into people's private lives.

But instead of getting on board the change train...

Change train?!? What "change train"? Are you typing that on Mars or something? Because back here on Planet Earth, Mr. "Change" took George Bush's deficit knob and cranked it to "11". Not satisfied with the existing level of government intrusion, he's got it intruding everywhere else now, too: Your bank, your mortgage holder, your doctor's office. The Patriot [sic] Act that you despise so much? Still there. The Democrats have had Congress for three years now and haven't made even a pretense at repealing it. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, and you got fooled again.

You are so intoxicated with the guy that you have no idea what you're writing, no tether to reality left. Put down the crack pipe, Jack, because it's not doing you any good.


Jay G said...


I'm sure you know this, but for the unitiated...

Hatred of Bush is all they have left. Their Annointed One is proving to be more of the same ol', same ol'; a glib-tongued snake oil salesman who wrapped up a pitifully short political career in HOPENCHANGE and sold it to a bunch of white-guilt liberals.

Now they're realizing that this guy is in ***WAYYYY*** over his head; that he's either cranking us hard to port on the side of socialism or else maintaining the status quo.

He (and the media) have made a big hairy deal of undoing a lot of the Bush administration's work, but it's all the minor, picayune crap - funding for overseas abortions, stem cell research, etc. (and yes, I realize those things are important to some people, but compared to our military campaigns or the deficit, not so major).

The Big "O" has turned out to be much more of a "0", and they're desperate to keep him propped up. They realize that their complete and utter lack of anything even remotely resembling "objective" reporting is what allowed this political lightweight to get as far as he did, and they need to deflect blame, quick.

So out trots the Bush boogeyman - if you recall the early years of the Clinton administration, they did the exact same thing with Reagan. Reading news reports from 1993, you'd have thought everyone was living in cardboard boxes the entire length of the '80s...

La plus ça change, c'est le même chose...

Anonymous said...

There really ought to be a Kool-Aid breathalizer test administered to anyone purporting to call themselves a *ahem* journalist.

A person has to be disturbingly far in the tank to have written that. He displays so little capability for dispassionate factual analysis that anything he says has to be disregarded out of hand.

Anonymous said...

So Jack...Exactly what was the journalistic value of your "making fun of Republicans...AGAIN' article? Do you wish that we had a single party govt? No checks, balnces or differing opinions? Don't know if you noticed but business leaders, Wall Street and economists aren't impressed with your beloved Mr Hope-N-Change and his band of cartoon characters in Congress. Pelosi? Reid? Frank? Dodd? Hello Jack...anyone at the wheel?

Anonymous said...

Odd how the O-lovers will spout that what was said on the campaign trail was just campaign-trail talk, when I point out the lack of change.

If you point out the sequence of laws and the names involved that created this current monetary meltdown, they go into Cleopatra mode. De Queens of Denial still declaim, "It's all Bush's fault!" Yet his policies continue.

Unfortunately, the sycophants continue, as well...


Unknown said...

George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, James Baker, and Karl Rove = should ALL be tried for WAR CRIMES in the Hague!

Tam said...

"...should ALL be tried for WAR CRIMES in the Hague!"

You are a simple soul, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget "the grocery store":


Anonymous said...

Tam, oh dear. You're not implying that the MSM are out of touch? ;)


closed said...

I agree that Bush should have followed the Hague convention to the letter.

Every tango caught fighting out of uniform should have been put up against a wall and shot.

None of this Gitmo countryclub crap. Just one bullet each, as per the Hague convention.

Scott said...

Jay G:
Love your blog. Read it regularly.
The hole was dug for EIGHT YEARS.
President Obama is in office now FIFTY DAYS.
Are you serious?

wv: frikedu
Says it all.

Tam said...

"The hole was dug for EIGHT YEARS."

Maybe someone needs to tell Barry O. that the first step to getting out of a hole is to STOP DIGGING.

Nope and Same.

Anonymous said...

EIGHT years? The 'hole' has been a-diggin since the days of William Jennings Bryan. I don't even need to hear about GW Bush's bad habits when I have spent a lifetime trying to undo the harm done by Roosevelts I & II, Wilson (writ large in blood), and LBJ ("I'll Hitlerize 'Em"), with the occasional assist from Hoover, Nixon, Ford and even Ike (who I genuinely admired despite his grandfatherly excesses). You're talking hole, you don't know what a hole looks like--you were born in one and have never seen level ground. Wiping away the current human wave and its avatar is only a beginning. To destroy you and your ways totally is our goal. "Eight years" is nothing.

Make the most of your chance. Do it all, do it now, time is short. Your clock is running and the fuse is lit.

Anonymous said...

Now here is something very interesting. The 'meet the new boss' reference is very valid. I agree that we are on the road to more government involvement in several areas. In general I agree with those who think the government is a poor alternative to free market forces. What I would love to hear is some strategy from a champion of keeping government out of something like health care. How do we reduce health care cost inflation, ensure some level of coverage for children at least, and any meet any other national goals? Or is the question itself wrong? Should we have national health care goals? Should we let the system do what it will and accept that its the best it can be because we have allowed it to evolve on its own?

Tam said...

"...we have allowed it to evolve on its own?"

I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're not an accountant in the medical field.

When I worked for an FFL, I thought our business was over-regulated. Then I went to work for Medtronic...

Anonymous said...

Well thats the point of my question. I am not in the medical field, and you apparently have some real knowledge to back up an opinion. Please share that, point the direction that we should be going here. Give us the benefit of something to argue FOR. I would actually really enjoy a reasoned alternative viewpoint that I could adopt and argue for.

Anonymous said...

Obama is a Total Fraud! He is a Con Artist!

What a farce! He is NOT my Pres.. He's a Disgrace to the USA!
Obama the FRAUD, the Crook, the Liar! The Disgrace!
What has happened to America-that we would allow this Disgrace, this inbred to run our Great Nation?
Are we sick?
Why did America do this?
We are now the Laughing stock of other nations!
POOR, POOR Judgement, Voters!