Monday, March 09, 2009

Sometimes they charge when they're wounded...

Frank W. James, who has been helping keep the feral hogs of Texas from eating all our food, finds that a wounded pig can make for a sort of budget Cape Buffalo experience.


Robert said...

Just shoot em with your old, cheap, junky pistol.

Anonymous said...

*sobbing softly*

Shootin' Buddy

Grumpyunk said...

Tam, sent you an email regarding Boar hunting not far from you.

Rabbit said...

I have a huntin' buddy who is a paraplegic- C6 break many years ago, and he rides a chair to get around. We hunt hogs in E.Tx together from time to time on his place. Most of the time, he hunts from either the cab of his 'farm truck' or from an ATV. Sometimes, it does get rather exciting when he needs to outrun an angry sow as he usually insists on using a 629 or his Contender.

If I still had lungs, I'd consider going back to a boar spear, but the FAL works just fine for me these days.


wv-shedness- what we look for quickly when he misses.