Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wow, he really is that dumb.

Like LabRat, I'd assumed that the startlingly inept "Pay for your own prosthetic, G.I. Gimp" proposal had come from some faceless apparatchik in the bowels of the White House, who our Dear Leader would now, with a casual ease born of long practice, deftly toss under the bus.



I thought conservatives and libertarians were supposed to be the heartless ones... Oh, wait, this isn't a deficiency of "heart", it's a deficiency of "honor" and "responsibility", neither of which are to be found in quantities fit to fill a teacup at 1600 Penna., apparently.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...


Jay G said...

All the political acumen of Jimmy Carter.

Who at least served.

Anonymous said...

I think politically (not talking morality) it is a wise move as horrific as it is.

What percentage of the military voted for him? Single digits maybe.

Attacks on the military strengthen his base who hates the USA, especially the its military.

It may hurt him in the South in 2012, but he doesn't care. He doesn't need the South as he won handily without it in '08.

Shootin' Buddy

og said...

Teacup? A mustard seed wouldn't exactly overflow.

Nathan Brindle said...

The Won does appear to be the ultimate REMF, doesn't he?

Too bad his Marine guards are too professional to change how they salute him.

Yosemite Sam said...

"I think politically (not talking morality) it is a wise move as horrific as it is. "

Nah, It's politically moronic. This will cost him at least 4 states that he carried. Indiana, Ohio, Virginia & Florida just off the top of my head. Remember, his base didn't win him the election. Convincing middle of the road Americans that he was moderate won him the election. He is quickly disabusing them of that notion.

Ken said...

He's banking on picking up the votes of 10 or 15 million formerly illegal aliens. If he does, sic transit gloria ballot box.

Bean counter said...

Okay, lets actually look at what this would do and why that is bad. First, Vets would get treatment, the government would then bill their private insurance. And I totally agree, this is crapola for 2 reasons. First, there is a moral obligation that any treatment directly attributable to a soldiers service SHOULD be paid for a grateful nation. Second, the secondary economic impacts on a vet and his/her families insurance bill could be outrageous. I wonder if this is some stupid attempt to in some way sabotage the current system. If the administration wants single-payer healtcare reform they should make the arguments for such rationally, instead of what I assume to be (lame) political gamesmanship.

The Raving Prophet said...

It will cost him not just the White House, but maybe the Democrats the Senate as well.

Our junior Senator is Claire McCaskill, an absolute shill for the DNC. She ran as dissatisfaction with Bush as at its height, using the poor treatment of veterans by the VA as her primary issue. Well, nothing has apparently changed at the VA and this will make things worse (she doesn't have enough courage or will to vote against Dear Leader), so if this goes through, she's gone.

It just all proves my theory of political parties: When one seems to be absolutely dominant over the other, the dominant party will not cease screwing things up until some kind of parity has been restored. The Republicans have been at it for a while, now it is time for the Democrats to implode.

pax said...

He's not that dumb.

He is that evil.

WV: maxist. Like Marxist, only more so.

crankylitprof said...

He'll demoralize the military to the point that people will stop enlistiing...and then he can re-institute a draft.

My blood pressure can't stand another three years and nine months of this asshole.

Anonymous said...

Hand them a new shovel when this one breaks.
They certainly do know how to influence the populace, and not in a popular way either.


Weer'd Beard said...

He's doing this to save $540 Million....and from all I can find he gave $5 BILLION (with a BEEEE) to ACORN as a big wet kiss at rocking the Disney Charactor vote in November.

Yep, Obama just said "Hey Military! FUCK YOU!"

Vote For David said...

::forwarding to everybody I know::

This has a high "about to get ugly" factor attached to it.

There may be single-digits % of active duty, but there are a whooooole LOT of us vetrins out there.

Call your local paper's editor & the TV newsrooms & ask why you didn't see this on the news last night.

Dan said...

4.6 billion for "clean coal" environmentalist bullshit for those that wasted their college education on something like environmental studies. Not one penny to those who paid the price so that those idiots to get their toilet paper degrees.

The administration chooses to pick fights with talk radio hosts and former veeps, but not tyrannical dictators and communists.

Yep, Obama's got his priorities straight.

Crustyrusty said...

Yep, Obama just said "Hey Military! FUCK YOU!"

Well, Barry, from this old retired SP, Fuck YOU, dickhead. And the whore you rode in on.

Crustyrusty said...

"The administration chooses to pick fights with talk radio hosts and former veeps, but not tyrannical dictators and communists."

...cause he is a tyrannical dictator and communist...?

John A said...

As "Bean Counter" mentioned, this is another step in the BHO road to "single-payer" (i.e., all us txpayers) health "care" - worse, a system like that of the UK ("we approve this drug but will not buy it for you and if you buy it yourself we will no longer allow you to be treated for anything") rather than the [somewhat] better ("if you would rather get faster and better care you can pay yourself or even via a non-government insurance plan - oh and you can still use the government plan as well") French system.

Kelly said...

When I read LabRat's post and the article it links to last night, I was angry. But then I made the mistake of going to The Big O's fansite (y'know... whitehouse.gov) and reading this. At that point, I just felt like throwing up. It'd make me less sick if he'd just come right out and say, "Quite frankly, I don't think America needs or wants the military anymore, so I'm going to do what I can to phase you folks out." But seeing all the pretty words, and knowing that's just him lubing up for the very painful screwing he's got for us... Yeah. I'm upset.

I knew when I married my husband that his condition will get progressively worse over time. I don't think anyone who would withdraw love from a disabled person ever really loved them in the first place, but really... how do you turn away from a disabled Marine? So I promised him that I will always take care of him, no matter how bad it gets. I never want him left in the care of strangers who would do it only because it's their job. He deserves to be taken care of with love, respect, and admiration. I know I can do that. But fighting the VA is already weighing so heavily on me, and now there's the fear that we'd be billed for it. It should not be our burden to pay for, or find insurance that is willing to pay for, the VA dragging out things so they can avoid treating him! I've seen my husband go through enough pain and suffering, and I've cried on the days when it's really bad and he starts thinking maybe it would have been better if he'd just gone to college, not joined the Marine Corps. I'd say we're paying for it already. So, I'm sorry, but I don't want to be billed or have insurance billed for it when the VA does several sets of X-rays and MRIs within a few months but still can't come up with any kind of treatment because they've lost is medical record and have no clue what they're looking at. And I may just be selfish, but I feel like they still owe my husband because they have failed over the past two years to correct any of the mistakes they've made in handling his case, or even acknowledge that those mistakes exist.

I'm failing to keep my promise to take care of him, partially because I don't know what to do besides keep fighting the VA and hoping they'll eventually do something right just to get rid of me. And now I'm leaving with the fear that it's going to get even harder to keep my promise, and I'm terrified of what happens if there is no way to take care of my husband. I'm sorry for stealing so much comment space, but I just want people to hear it from someone who will be affected by it. It's not just bad... it could ruin my husband's health and cut his life short. And since it is a service-connected disaility, we didn't think we'd ever run the risk of just not being able to care for him due to the government turning their backs on us.

Ken said...

I'm failing to keep my promise to take care of him

No. No you're not. Don't let yourself believe that. You cannot do better than your best, and you didn't write the rules.

I wish I had something more substantive or useful to offer.

Anonymous said...

As a veteran, words cannot express my comtempt for this worthless piece of dogshit. He does not deserve to live in a free country.

John Higgins said...

He's not running things like someone who wants to be re-elected.

Why do you think that is? Really. I can't figure it out but nothing I think of looks very good for us.

Anonymous said...

It's simple. Groups that vote for Dear Leader get rewarded. Groups that vote against Dear Leader get punished.

This is revenge on a group that did not vote for Dear Leader.

Scott W said...

I would like to say that I am dumbfounded, but I knew this was going to happen...He is a disgrace to the Country, let alone the office of the Pres. My father(agent orange), my brother(grenade fragments), and least myself(they have not figured it out yet)do not deserve this type of treatment. We did not do it for the money.....We did it for Love of Country, period. I have to watch what I say, but this seems to be part of a plan..They socialist/communist in power now are going to play the haves/have not card -- Just a means to an end. They are not the least bit worried about the next term election or 2012, and that should scare everyone.. They have always despised the military and always will..

Grumpyunk said...

I'm glad he did this shit now and not later. When the shootin' starts, I want those who are more up to date and have more experience than me on our side.

mts1 said...

Tam, remember when you came up with this line?:

Obama's plan will guarantee that the nation's elderly are shovel-ready.

Neither you, nor anyone who reads your blog expected Luce Veritas to throw the veterans under the bus too, and put them in the same shovel-ready category. Next thing, they'll start charging for military grave markers and eliminate other burial benefits, just watch. I am not joking. Every day I think they reached rock bottom, they bust out the dynamite and blow down to a new level. But there's a cornocopia of money for ACORN and the Arts.

The libs will kill this country with their USA-hatred. All I can say is that if they hate the nation we have now, they sure as hell will NOT like what comes after it.

Anonymous said...


You are not breaking faith with your husband, this administration is. Whether this actually gets through or not, (I doubt it will) it is a slap in the face of every service person active or inactive.

As a rather weak analogy, if I break your window playing ball with my kid, do I pay for it, or do I tell you to collect through homeowners insurance? What about the second, third, or fourth time? Eventually, your rates go up, and you pay for my nonfeasance.

I did my time over 25 years ago. I do not claim VA benefits, but this still infuriates me. This was a PROMISE that the current administration is trying to shirk and it tells much of what the current administration thinks of the troops.

So, nobody cares about eight Billion dollars in earmarks, but we have to screw our veterans over 540 million in health care. It's despicable.

However, remember. it's all about votes. I would bet that the active duty military vote for our current "Commander-in-Chief" ranked in the single digits percentage wise. He can afford to lose those votes.

How many votes does he pick up by expanding welfare entitlements? It's vote buying, clear and simple.

And he's doing this by stirring up a mob mentality, a panic, that we "have to do something now, we don't have time to discuss this"

Remember his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, saying "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste"

Panic the voters, and ram your changes down their throats befor they can object.

We are losing our country, and I fear for what my children and grandchildren will grow up in.

Anonymous said...

I used to think that no human behavior could ever surprise me. I thought I'd seen most of it from brutality to betrayal to pure evil but this behavior from Obama goes beyond words. I am truly saddened for my country.

Crustyrusty said...

0bama may not have had much of the .mil vote anyway, but stuff like this could very well piss off the friends and families of veterans, and swing their votes the other way.

Assuming there IS a 2010 election, that is....

Anonymous said...

Turns out this was just the warm-up. Starting tomorrow, Gates starts cancelling weapons programs, including the F-22.

And effective tomorrow, commercial pilots can no longer carry guns.

Zell Miller was right about the spitwads.

Anonymous said...

Uh-huh. Obama and the Democrats shoveled five billion - BILLION! - dollars at ACORN in the so-called "stimulus" package, but the feds supposedly can't afford to fulfill their obligations to wounded military vets...

...and will save one-tenth the amount they gave ACORN by forcibly outsourcing the cost of caring for wounded veterans to private insurers.

Nice to see what their priorities are. And while we're on the subject: If the federal government supposedly can't afford medical care for wounded veterans, then how the hell are they going to pay the bill for nationalized medicine for EVERYBODY?


--Wes S.

Gewehr98 said...

The VA Hospital is all this disabled and retired vet has for health insurance. I don't have any other insurance, and I've been laid off for just over a month now, so getting additional insurance is a no-go.

Just what was The Chosen One thinking?

Rich in Ohio said...

Anonymous says:

"Groups that vote for Dear Leader get rewarded. Groups that vote against Dear Leader get punished."

This is the core principle of "The Chicago Way".

Anonymous said...

Uh, guys? You know those disability payments you've been getting? Do you s'pose that our military people will also need disability insurance in the future? After all, we have to make budget cuts [b]somewhere[/b] if we hope to get out of the rut we're in.


Tam said...

Y'know what?

Feeding starving babies, looking for life in outer space, medical research... None of that crap is mentioned in Article I Section 8. The Army and Navy are, however.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, I got out of the Army 50 years ago come May, as a disabled vet. I'm not a "veteran"; I didn't see combat. I'm an ex-GI. :)

Called my US Rep's office, yesterday. Democrat. Interesting. Seems the staffer is a true disabled vet, with a prosthesis. "I'll personally look into this."

I imagine he will...


Vote For David said...

Well, the One who could not be persuaded figured out this was a sh!t-storm coming his way and they're reversing position on this

Anonymous said...

The Bonus Army will march again.


ScottW said...

Art, You are STILL a VETERAN----

pax said...

Good news: linky

You just gotta watch this guy every second, that's all. And I stand by my assertion of evil, not stupid. Nobody could be that stupid.

Anonymous said...

OBama is sliming up the track in the Honor Special Olympics.