Thursday, July 16, 2009

The news, it burns!

So, apparently a fuel tanker on I-75 in Detroit was involved in a collision and blew right the heck up like something from a Jerry Bruckheimer summertime cineplex extravaganza, totalling out an overpass and closing off a section of a major north-south Interstate.

Also, someone has found video of Michael Jackson's head bursting into flame.

The tanker story is currently more popular on, but the incendiary hairdo piece is closing fast.


karrde said...

Heard the radio news talking about that this morning.

(I live near D-Town, but still a good 15 miles or so from that interchange. And it's not part of my normal commute...)

According to the Detroit News, the MI Dept. of Transportation finished a restore-and-refurbish project on that overpass in May.

TD said...

That was a freshly-rebuilt overpass and I-75 had just gotten back to normal after a looooong reconstruction period. Oops!

I have a bunch of friends who live within a mile or so of that spot. They report it was quite a show.

Rob K said...

I'm actually tempted to watch the MJ video as a reward of sorts for having to hear about his death. Schadenfreude gets everyone sometimes.

WV: chown -- they're using unix commands now?

theirritablearchitect said...

Headline: "Tanker inferno causes Detroit highway overpass to collapse"

Where have we seen this before?

Oh, wait, news in from Dylan Avery; "the government rigged the bridge with explosives and is covering the whole thing up."

The Armed Canadian said...

Another public safety video from Michael Jackson showing the dangers of the Jheri Curl lifestyle.

WV: bleck. Which pretty much covers it.

Tam said...

"Oh, wait, news in from Dylan Avery; "the government rigged the bridge with explosives and is covering the whole thing up.""

Do us up a good post on that and I can guarantee you a few hundred hits.
I am all a-flutter with anticipation. :D

theirritablearchitect said...

Yeah, well, in other news, Rosie O'Donnel is munching away on shoe leather, and claims it tastes fine.

The stupid. What can be done about it?

wv: conabul. No that's con and bull. Stock in trade of the liar.

Anonymous said...

Daughter was in high school when that happened, and what with Richard Pryor lighting himself up while freebasing crack, the kids were going around wisecracking about the "Ignited Negro College Fund".

Teens can be so cruel...

Old Squid.

Cybrludite said...

So, we're sure this was an accident, and not a test-run for a widespread attack on the transportation infrastructure?

Tam said...

It's happened before. A tanker fire trashed an overpass on I-285, the Atlanta perimeter highway, some years back. I-285, being the nexus of I-85, I-75, and I-285 is a pretty crucial bit of infrastructure, but accidents happen on those, too.

And remember, kids: Fire can't melt steel!