Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scouting report.


Sure, baseball just ain't his game, but that throwing form worries me. An American male who went through public school throwing a ball like that spent some time with his head in the locker room toilet as sure as God made little green apples, and that can leave festering resentments in some dark rooms of the mind when the boy becomes a man. It's disquieting to realize that the Commander-In-Chief of our nation's armed forces may harbor a seething inner hatred of buzzcuts.

Plus, he's wearing an American League jersey, which is right up there with a Che Guevara tee as an indicator of incipient patchouli-wearing.

(H/T to Cold Fury.)


fast richard said...

The glowing praise of the G.W. pitch is a bit excessive, but the pictures tell the story quite well. Even someone like me, who was always picked last can pitch better than the One. My guess is that this was the first time the new guy ever picked up a baseball.

Wolfwood said...

To be fair, he grew up without an American father. He should have fixed it by now, but let's cut slack where slack is due.

Joanna said...

I'd say he throws like a girl, but I've seen Michelle.

The Old Man said...

Dear, even the Tribe is ahead of the Nats. Save the snark for the damnYankees, not the league, please.

Anonymous said...

Snark, its whats for supper, too!


Tirno said...

Credit where credit is due: it was the first time in his presidency that he's been in the ballpark about something.

I wouldn't say it's the last time he'll be in the ballpark in his administration. There's a baseball season every year.

WV: ejurtord: a blazingly stupid person with a PhD.

Joseph said...

The "festering resentments" might produce a belief in self-defense.