Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I can't read Foreignese.

A forum in Germany linked to a post of mine on the S&W Model 53.

From what I can gather from the thread, some fellow gun nut on the far side of the pond is having difficulties in taking possession of a Russkie PSM pistol he bought. (You can't get them here because they're too small. Small foreign pistols turn you into a stone-cold killer. Small domestic pistols are okey-dokey, however.)

Now, the German government does everything but probulate you before letting you buy a gun; it's a less-involved process to buy a tripod-mounted belt-fed machine gun in most states in the US than it is to buy a deer rifle in Germany. Further, they have stricter storage requirements for skeet guns and .22 ammo than the IAEC has for Iranian weapons-grade plutonium. Yet apparently if this guy gets a hold of the little commie vest-puncher, he will be driven slowly mad by its mind-control rays and then run around popping gendarmes until they put him down like a mad dog, kind of like you or I would do if we took an extra inch off our shotgun barrels.

At least, that's the gist of what I got from the Google Foreignese-to-English translator. Mayhap one of readers who actually speaks German can tell us what's going on and how a 30+ year-old .22 Remington Jet revolver ties in to the whole thing...


Anonymous said...

Hi Tamara, yes, you have got it right: I have looked at this particular thread and yes, the "Amt" is causing a lot of bureaucratic hassle for this poor guy; and all this just because he wants to own a firearm which could theoretically be used to perforate a ballistic vest. Needless to say, the "Amt" is ignoring all arguments, defying all common-sense approaches and is behaving in general like we expect the "Amt" to behave (hint: read Kafka ...).
Will send you a translation of the relevant parts later on.
Be glad you live in the good old US where such things are unknown and unheard of! :)
Regards, Martin (mmm.kohl@t-online.de)

Crustyrusty said...

Someone mentioned that to his knowledge there were no short centerfire weapons under 6.35 mm produced before 1970. The reply was to see his post about the S+W M53 and the linked photo of one, which was on your site...

Man, my translation skillz are lacking...

Don said...

Martin, we know a little about it. We have little pockets of Europe in Illinois and New Jersey.

NotClauswitz said...

There's a big hunk of France in California (and a lot of Gastarbeiters), fortunately it's on a fault-line (and unfortunately the Gastarbeiters have joined the SEIU).

Kristophr said...

10% of all germans want that probulator ...

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

Abby (MauserGirl) sprechen sie Deutsch if you need and she is willing.


Anonymous said...

If you you knew anything about guns at all you'd realize that the extra length of the gun barrels is intended to shield our feeble minds from the mind control rays constantly emited by all firearms.

the pawnbroker said...

funny, the krautspeak native we all (virtually) know and love never comments here...even when called on. why?


Anonymous said...

Es ist sehr vergramt. Und mine computer haben nicht der verfluchen umlaut.

Und der "Amt" schikaniert? Wannsinnige, paviane.

Todtraurig, das dicke ende kommt noch!

og said...

Die Umlaute ist ein HTML-Code.

& euml;

(ohne Leerzeichen natürlich)

Wort-Überprüfung: Gumsess. Ach.

Anonymous said...


File the poor guy under latest victim of Kafka,

some bueororat vom deutchland (litle d)
Is avoiding the issuance of a cert for the guy because rat can't figure out the same model was in the allowed list til some silly (aren't they all) rule change circa 1970

loose english translation:

Thus, the model 53 of S*W counts in his country of origin even as a C*R weapon. That is ' Curios and Relic'. The possibility is opened therefore for certificated collectors to buy the Dinger like goofy. Cannot, however, with the fact hangs up together that there is no more Mumpeln according to my information for it. But this is a secondary matter.
Fact is that the part was produced between 1961 and 1974 up to a few tiny insignificant changes in a number of pieces by 14.956 pieces.
(which are apparently quite legal) The jump about the so important decade change from our legislator is important, on this occasion.

Maybe one or other lawyer has an idea here in the forum, why lay the so big value on the time after the 1.1.70.

Obviously the furious (activism/inertia is the more accurate term here) is paired here also again with absolute ignorance and arrogance of the ministerial bureaucracy with a good shot(of) zero thinking. Since even a Mrs. Stokar could make an exception she would rather stick the guy with the claim that 'it is forbidden' which is not quite the case but it is a buerorat (and a german one at that)

Pardon the rusty German I couldn't shake loose direct english on some of it.

Guten Naben

wv ackseg, sorry that jambs in the translator too,

T.Stahl said...

Though jtc probably means Marko, I'll add my grasp of things:

In April 2002 Germany saw its first school-shooting of Columbine-like scale. Unfortunately the 19-year-old perp was a sports shooter and in more or less legal possession of his guns, a 9mm Glock and a Mossberg 590. He murdered twelve teachers, a secretary, two pupils and a policeman and later killed himself. He jammed the shotgun upon loading and ONLY used the Glock. Despite this pump-action shotguns became a target for politicians and the media.
The gun law was modified in 2003:
- Mandatory training before applying for a gun was lengthened from six to twelve months.
- Shooters between 18 and 21 can only buy pistols/rifles in .22lr or weaker and single-shot/over-under/side-by-side shotguns.
- Shooters below 25 need to pass a medical-psychological assessment.
- Pump-action shotguns with only a pistol grip (and no addtional shoulder stock) became illegal.
- Semi-auto rifles which look like full-auto military rifles AND are a bullpup or have a barrel shorter than 42cm/16.54" or shoot a caliber with a case length of less than 40mm.
- Butterfly knives and throwing stars became illegal.
- Repeating rifles and muzzle-loading revolvers were added to the list of weapons which can be bought easier through the yellow sports shopoter's license.
Later, in 2008, carrying one-hand openers became illegal - unless you have a good reason. Then or sometime in between short shotguns (e.g. NEOSTEAD or defensive shotguns with short barrels/retracting shoulder stock) and centerfire handguns of a caliber of .25 or 6.35mm and made (or designed) after 1970 became illegal. Now, obviously this was aimed at vest-punching, concealable handguns in 5.45x18, 5.7x28, 4.6x30, .224VOB, .224BOZ,..., which are oh-so-dangerous (no, disregard that a CZ-52 can do that even better and leaves a larger hole). But it also includes revolvers in .22Hornet and, I guess, Contenders in .223Rem.

To sum it up, the gun law is as silly, arbitrary and indiscriminate as usual and does absolutely nothing to make the good people safer.

BTW, www.waffen-online.de is kind of a German TFL, yet much more pc.

T.Stahl said...

The revolvers in .22Hornet and similar handguns are a king of bycatch that end up in the net of the gun law.
But then all law abiding gun owners are bycatch in a net dropped into the wrong ocean.

That guy with the PSM in the W-O thread is a hunter. He chose that gun because it's small, reliable and punches only a small hole in the game's skin or fur.

Rex said...

Man, no wonder H&K hates us and thinks we suck.

netfotoj said...

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Gus the Boer said...

Ich Bin Ein Sitzpinkler.