Thursday, July 30, 2009

Waving the bloody sneakers.

"To wave the bloody shirt": To foment political strife by keeping controversies alive.
The way Tom Mauser sticks those sneakers into the camera creeps me right the hell out. It seems so measured and cynical, and that is creepy as dammit. I can't imagine that photo session... "You don't look bereaved enough. Lets try from a different angle..."

(H/T to Snowflakes In Hell)


jimbob86 said...

Uhhhmmm..... er..... I'm confused...... Exactly how is prohibiting Concealed Handgun Permit Holders from other states from Carrying in Colorado going to prevent parents from ignoring the fact that their little trolls are making bombs in the garage.....

Joanna said...

What jimbob said. Spree killers tend to forego the paperwork, if memory serves. This is like tying building permits to serial killers burying bodies in the crawlspace.

Gewehr98 said...

He does the name (Mauser) disservice.

theirritablearchitect said...

Mauser is an idiot who's trying like Hell to make everyone else feel his own pain.

He just can't have people walking around not caring about the shit hand that he was dealt.

He's the one doing the politicizing, and he's unaware of it.

Matt G said...

He's annoyed at his state congresscritters for representing their constituency?


And somebody explain to me what the shoes have to do with the price of beans?

It's a fact that people suffering tragedy need to find something or someone to blame. Sadly, they'll thrash blindly about until they grasp a convenient target, and clutch it frantically to their chests, chanting "If only, if only, if only."

I feel for Mr. Mauser. His son shouldn't have died that day. I wish that we could point somewhere to a true panacea that would guarentee that other boys like his won't die in such tragic ways.

But I know better. :(