Friday, July 10, 2009

Shooty goodness...

Bummed a ride out to Atlanta Conservation Club with Caleb to see the facility, do a bit of shooting, and watch him put his new wheelgun through its paces. It was a nice little range, and we had the place to ourselves except for the swarms of savage flesh-eating sabertoothed gnats. (After nearly being devoured by chiggers at the range two weekends ago, one would think that I'd throw some Off! in my range bag, no?)

I did a bit of shooting with my standard range guns, the K-22 and 9mm Para, and I brought along some fodder for an upcoming post at the other blog. Here's a hint...

I had totally forgotten how far a CZ-52 throws spent brass; shooting from the middle of a pistol bay 25 yards square, half the stuff was disappearing into the weeds on the berm to my right.


Top of the Chain said...

Is this the Raygun? You finally go to shoot it!! Good for you!!

Carteach said...

I've often thought I wanted a CZ52. I sure see enough of that brass embedded in the trees at my range (g).

Justin Buist said...

The Tokarov and a CZ-52? Cool!

Err, speaking of which... I'm going to be doing some pin shooting later this year w/ a group of guys. Pretty sure not everybody has a pistol in the group. Wondering if a CZ-52 would work for that at all. Little afraid an FMJ would just fly right through the pin.

Tam said...

Light & fast is not the hot ticket on pins. You want inertia. I shoot a 9mm in Minor and use 147gr JHP's.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, me likey.

I have been vaguely considering picking up a CZ52 over the past few months if only because the ammo is so cheap (at least in comparison to 9mm). Sure, it may be a whacky little gun, but at least it would let me shoot affordably.

Vinnie said...

You -would think that the muzzle blast alone would clear the table. I love my checkomatic, but i wonder whos bright idea it was to make reloading dies for a firearm that puts brass into low earth orbit.

P.S. The 52's little brother the 82 is nice too.

Home on the Range said...


Sabor toothed gnats. Their descendants ate me up on that first really hot day of summer last year at steel plates at M.C. My back was covered in bites. They didn't touch Caleb. They probably saw him shot and kept far, far away.

Caleb said...

I am generally uneaten by mosquitos. My theory is that I marinate frequently in bourbon that they don't like the smell of me. I didn't get bitten once yesterday, much to Tam's consternation.

Speaking of which, if you're interested Tam we're having a single stack match tomorrow morning, so head out to ACC if you want to do some old-school cool blasty.

Mark said...

I see a tok grip there I think. I have one myself. And I highly enjoy shooting it.

HokiePundit said...

I've got three kinds of 7.62x25 ammo available to me, and would love some advice. I've got a CZ-52, but haven't shot it yet.

#1: Czech (Winchester or S&B).
#2: Serbian Prvi Partizan
#3: Bulgarian surplus

#1 and #2 cost about the same (about $20 per 50, IIRC), and I believe the Czech is M48 and the Serbian has similar ballistics. The Bulgarian comes in brown paper and looks fairly old, but is only $8 for 50. I don't think there's any danger at all of blowing up my gun, but I don't want ammo that has a lot of duds and I don't want weak ammo. Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Is it too early to ask which one you like more? CZ or Tok?

I've drooled over both. If my job ever gets back off of life-support, I would like to get a TT33

Anonymous said...

I own 3 TT-33's, a Norinco 213 (TT-33 chambered in 9mm), and 2 CZ-52's.
After shooting a few spam cans of ammo through all of them over the last few years, for myself personally I MUCH prefer the TT-33 over the CZ52.
I keep my CZ52's just for the curiosity of owning one, but when I want to go shoot some 7.62X25, the only thing that goes with me is the TT-33's.
On the topic of CZ's, I do have to say I really like my CZ82, now that pistol is a downright surplus bargain!

Anonymous said...

RE: T-33/Norinco 54, Browning excellence.

My current 54 is probably the most accurate machine I've ever shot.

eg 100 rounds at 15 yds all in side the 5 ring, (off hand on 25 rds, I suck left handed but keep trying)
most in the x/9/8 ring the thing is putting the bullet right where I aim it every single time (note the .32 is close but it throws fliers occasionally either that or the type III slide is a tad sloppy(but hey it's working up on 100 years old).

Note on the Bulgarian stuff.

I ran ONE box through the Norinco 54, I would not advise using it in any Walther derivative.

It was tossing spent shells into the next county and earning the nickname Fireball. (as in foot in diameter muzzle flash visible in broad daylight.)
That stuff is apparently for the subguns not the pistols.


ver ver hyllabi
yup thats where it tossed those enpties

perlhaqr said...

Hokie: the M48 is the way to go for a CZ-52, and where are you finding that, please? :D

I bought myself a sealed tin of Bulgarian x25 this last weekend. Looking forward to running some of it through my 52. I love that thing as a carry gun, it's so thin, it just bloody disappears, if only it had an American style mag release. *sigh*

I need a type 7 FFL, so I can finally make a gun that fits my every desire.

HokiePundit said...


Winchester Metric is made in the Czech Republic and is listed at 1647fps; I've heard that Prvi Partizan has similar ballistics. Isn't that basically what M48 is? My local stores always have a few boxes of those.

Assrot said...

I'll be looking forward to that post at "The Arms Room". I have several CZ-52s and a couple of TT-33s.

I have always liked them and found them to be a fairly accurate (although typically crude) handgun.

My dad was thoughtful enough to pickup 4 of those 1100+ round cans of 7.62x25 back before the Messiah was ordained. He was good enough to let me buy 2 of the cans from him at the same price he paid back then.

Now that most ammo is going for a premium price, I really enjoy going to the range with these guns and burning up a couple of hundred rounds without worrying about how bad I'm going to get screwed for the next box.

On the bright side, I went to one of the local indoor ranges this weekend and they had plenty of .45 and 9mm for pre-Obama prices. Maybe things are starting to look up?


perlhaqr said...

Hokie: Yes, but, my presumption would be that surplus M48 would be significantly cheaper than new manufacture Prvi Partisan or Winchester, et al.

I may be wrong. I know that the stuff designed to be digested by Tokarevs is lighter than what the CZ-52 can handle. And, really, if you're shooting a gun, you might as well run it at top speed. :D