Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quote of the Day:

My roomie on the Sotomayor hearings:
I really can't even be bothered to make popcorn. Liberal SCOTUS Justice set to replace another liberal SCOTUS Justice? It's just like changing a lightbulb, except we all get screwed and it sheds very little new light.


Anonymous said...

I happened to overhear Soto's testimony on the Second. Dodgy, slippery, evasive and dancing on the head of a pin answers from her. In fact, " 'the 'right' is not established" and is an open question. Soto is a Left-wing activist judge: party-line, all the way.

There are something on the order of 60 million gun owners in this country, and we are proving as 'the masses', to be as weak and passive as the Jews of Nazi Germany, just generally hoping that 'reasonable compliance' will work out for the best.

Where the Hell is the widespread Fire and Resistance that would put the fear of GOD into these gun-grabbing sons of bitches?

Go to the Second Amend March website and note how pitifully few and marginalized are the folks who'll put their own comfort and well-being on the line for Warranted Political Freedom.

Pitiful, indeed. No wonder that the Marxo-Monsters currently riding the American Public are grinning all the way to the Supreme Court. Eighty years of persistent Left Wing subversion have paid off. I have no words legal enough to further describe the supine and willingly submissive decline of the American citizen into a ward and property of the State.

And culturally? Go rent Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange', just to remind you of the terror and helplessness which the domestic cowards of America, have bought for us all.
Relax; we're all experts here.
verify: trite.

Roberta X said...

Who's she replacing? That very great friend of individual liberty and the right to own property, David Souter. Remember Kelo, or was that before your time?

Come the midterms, vote. Vote hard.

theirritablearchitect said...

Yes, replacing one Über-lib with another statist, socialist c*nt.

But we don't have to like it.

NattyBumpo said...

The answer to Anon's question of why there is little resistance from the gun owners is found in the reaction by groups that we think are there to represent for us. I proposed to the ILA that they support a blanket response to actions by "the enemy". It is a harsh over-the-top all-for one reaction, and a lot of people don't agree with it. But it would work to draw much attention to the attacks that we are under.

In Washington State the Department of Ecology couldn't get legislation passed to ban lead bullets for hunting, so instead they are imposing a regulation that bans lead hunting bullets--making a law without needing it to be signed.

I proposed that ALL lead bullets be banned, since there are alternatives, in the state. That would include police and military usage of the evil substance. And the NRA/ILA should bring suites against all offending jurisdictions. I may as well been trying to call cats into play.

We have police departments that support us, yet any law would exclude their access, so the pain of the laws are not felt. Gun manufacturers should self-impose bans of sales to the Democratic Peoples Republic of California. If it cannot be purchased by the people, it should not be available to the State. Again, over the top, I know. But it would have the same effect as pitching tea into the harbor. It would make others stop and look.

Sorry for the length Tam, but we all need to think on this approach.


Anonymous said...

Anon back, here: AKA John, the Red. Presently not in a state of coffee-blurrddddd morning indignation over Slippery Soto.

How-em-so-ever, 'what I said'.

The gun owners have a strong minority of activists, that have been carrying the load and paying for it.

Itsa'bout eFFFin' time the pain gets pro-actively spread around, to the the greater body of gun owners. Those 57 million gunowners gotsa gets offa their damn smug-axx'd duffs and puts the fire to the legislators;
the Joyce
Foundation feet;
the Yakademic University feets;
the Net-works'feet,
and all of the Allied Auntiedom.
Let the Aunti-toes FEEL the burn.

In fact, the mere mention of gun-control ought to cause a Pavlovian Fear Reaction among the Aunties, right into the spontaneous pants-wetting stage.

Why is it not so? Mostly 'cause most of us have a life with which we are reasonably happy, and aren't too much beatified and felt-gooder, by the thot of forcing others to do our political will, I 'spose.

Patience and goodwill, my axx. Mass political movement is, and has been, and will be the course which will affect our future. We can have the finest lobbiests, the best writers, outstanding thinkers, scholars beyond compare -- and we do.

But we are NOT a mass political power, and that raht thar is where we gotsta git.

Thinking about a stupid lead bullet regulation? Howzabout 50,000 people sitting in the corridor and office that you frequent? And y'r bosses? and his bosses? And n front of y'r own personal home, and church, and supermarket.

THAT is where the gun rights people will win -- because our opposition are cowards at heart, comfortable in mouthing their crap from the protection of institutions and classes.

"Class warfare"? Yup, by the class of folks who believe that they own their own lives, that their own lives and those sacred to them are worth defending, and that the State my not interfere with that Right.

Period. Ever.

VS,BTW, the cl-asses that believe they own everything and everybody by means of some perverse moral construct, designed as a sucker game to empower Those Who Would Rule Everything.

My apologies for takin' up so much space, and essentially ranting to folks with whom I mostly share common values. However, the gun community is sadly out of date on this political organization biz.

It's not 'representative' government anymore. It's mass coercion, of a sorta lamely elected sort. The face cards in this game aren't in our hands. They lie in the grasp of an elitist, entrenched, out-of touch government.

Time to take it back, by sheer organized numbers.

"The Whole World is Watching."


Hell, yesss, and a lot of lingl right in the offices and faces of the Aunties is even better.