Monday, July 13, 2009

Pass the Kool Aid?

All of which left Obama sounding, at the end of the week, as if he looked forward to getting back to solvable problems -- such as the economy and healthcare.
Either that's some mighty dry wit, or the Obamania's still going pretty strong at the Los Angeles Times' Washington desk.


Anonymous said...

How sad is it that I -- a child of the Cold War '80's, weaned on "Red Dawn" and "Iron Eagle" -- have more faith in and more respect for Vladimir fucking Putin than I do for 0b0zo?

Hell, I even LIKE Putin better.

Ken said...

Putin lost me at polonium. Obama lost me at hello.

Gnus said...

My money is on choice number 2.

Mark@Sea said...

They are confusing "solvable" with "socialized". A horse of an entirely different hue. Of course, the socialized version would make us completely forget about any problems with the original, much like when you whack your big toe with a hammer to make you forget that you stubbed the other one.